Saturday, July 16, 2011

But Can They Fly?

This winged wonder is the kite I've made to enter in the Mid-State Fair coming to my area this week. It's a triangular box kite variation on a conyne design, using vinyl shelf liner and photos by Ansel Adams from last year's calendar. Will it fly? Hell if I know. The fair's handmade kite competition doesn't require a flight.

The fair always comes up with some theme each year, and in the floral design competitions we'll have to find ways to illustrate the theme in flower arrangements. This year's doozy is "Mountains of Fun" and I nearly scratched from the kite business because of it. Easily overwhelmed, poor me.

But I'm a member in good standing of Alcoholics Anonymous, and the program does NOT advocate giving up when the going gets tough. I did what a good AA ought to do when she has signed up to make a kite and now thinks it will be too hard: call on her sponsor. Sponsors handle all kinds of odd problems.

I was reminded of that ever-so-helpful Chinese proverb: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. What's the first indicated thing to do? Prayer is usually a smart idea.

Now, God is probably very busy with serious issues. But in AA I'm allowed to access a Higher Power of my own understanding. While the God of my fathers is far too tied up with enormous global and individual crises to care about kite anxiety, my own Higher Power has wiggle room to handle challenges of every sort. So I dialed my spiritual hotline. Next thing I know, that old Ansel Adams calendar comes to mind, with its beatiful black and white photos of mountains. Ha! It happened on the 101 freeway heading for an AA meeting. If anyone tries to argue me out of believing in my Higher Power, I will show them this kite. And I know it will fly even though it doesn't have to.

And here's a photo just for fun of my newest garden acquisition. The 30-inch curving top piece, headed with an iron butterfly on one end and an iron weight on the other, is simply balanced on the stand of stones on a quarter-inch ball welded to the top piece. The large butterfly and a smaller one partway down the backside catch the breeze, and the whole things turns gently on the stand. I wonder what would happen to the betterflies in a gale. Would they fly?


Brian Miller said...

nice...very cool kite chris...and butter fly...glad your HP answred the line...smiles.

Steve E said...

Chris, I think everything you create will fly--simply because you do NOT fly (get high) any longer!

Well, I guess we may 'get high' on sobriety? Hmmm? YES!

Have a good time at the fair...

Magpie said...

Your kite is awesome and of course, so is your higher power. I was taught "every sparrow", so a kite is just as important. I love your garden art. What fun! Good luck at the fair!

The Bug said...

LOVE the kite - and your description of how you got there. And I had the same thought when I saw the garden ornament. I'll bet they would fly :)

Grace-WorkinProgress said...

God is never too busy for fun and that sounds like your having.

Linda said...

I hope you're going to try flying it after the fair. I think it will fly. It looks like it should anyway.
Good luck with the kite contest.

Titus said...

We love that kite! It looks so sleek and beautiful, but also has a little something of the Wacky Races about it, as if it had been designed by Professor Pat Pending.

I'd be challenged by Mountains of Fun on the floral art front. We've got one doozy - 'Edinburgh Tattoo - an exhibit' - in the Flower Show in August, and it's got me beat.

Good Luck!

the walking man said...

It looks like it should get airborne but what it does up there would depend on the shape of the wings.

Love the butterfly though...that is cool that it is not attached.

Syd said...

The butterfly is awesome. The kite might be hard on the head when it falls. Your creativity is awesome.

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