Friday, August 12, 2011

Chaos Theory in Relationships

I’m thinking hard about chaos. It is not just a theory. It is people! It is relationships with people!

What a messy business!

Chaos: a state of complete disorder and confusion.

Chaos Theory: a theory that complex natural systems obey rules but are so sensitive that small initial changes can cause unexpected final results, thus giving an impression of randomness.

Relational Chaos: I tell Myra that I like Joan’s new haircut. Myra tells Joan I think she’s cute. Joan tells my boyfriend that I’m gay. He ditches me and moves to Arkansas with Joan.

Relational Chaos Theory: While I sit around thinking broken-hearted thoughts about Joan and my boyfriend, none of this would have happened if I hadn’t opened my mouth.

While I was busy wringing my hands recently about relational chaos, here’s what I could have read in the little “Twenty-Four Hours a Day” book if I’d opened it like I should have done before starting my day in the chaotic world of people and relationships:

“He who made the ordered world out of chaos and set the stars in their courses and made each plant to know its season, He can bring peace and order out of your private chaos if you will let Him. God is watching over you, too, to bless you and care for you. Out of the darkness He is leading you to light, out of unrest to rest, out of disorder to order, out of faults and failure to success. You belong to God and your affairs are His affairs and can be ordered by Him if you are willing.”
So this is why I pick up that little book, I thought when I read it today. And now, this is what my little soul looks like:



♥ Braja said...

all i know is it's chaos everywhere I go, and that cat? I understand him :)

Shakespeare said...

I hope to find the same order.

So often I am the little cat in your picture... and life is a puzzle.

Zed said...

I love it! I always say that I am going to be such a useful vessel once I get out of the furnace!

Lou said...

Oh! I went right to Amazon to look for the book! What a perfect reading.

And the picture of your "soul" made my day. Thanks for the smile, missy:)

Brian Miller said...

ha i like your map of chaos theory to works for sure..and my what beautiful soul you have today...smiles.

Karen said...

You're reading the right book!

Great pictorial, too.

Magpie said...

Lovely pictures to illustrate your point.

Steve E said...

"What a difference a day makes--only 24 hours..."

A friend gave me "24 Hours a Day"
book in 1974...been reading it ever since. Of course, there is 'reading' and 'doing'. However, it seems that every time I am "that cat!", the little black book has
saved my ass.

It was a Gift from God. The human giver died drunk three years later. Me? I neither died nor drank.


The Bug said...

Long ago in a galaxy far far away I knew how to solve a rubik's cube. Perhaps life was simpler then? Not really - relational chaos can happen at ANY time - & in fact is the root plot of all Harlequin romances. It is SO HARD to not be misunderstood.

So it really is best just to let God sort out all the chaos.

Your soul is gorgeous, by the way.

e said...

You hit the nail on the head...Wishing you a great weekend. For snother good read mentioned by a commenter on my blog, visit the August 12 issue of the Telegraph for and interesting editorial by Peter Oborne. He could well be discussing this country.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

You know already that I adore you!!! This post just seals it for me...I have always felt that chaos and messy were the realm of humans and humanness!! I think that life is messy and nature is amazingly ordered that is why I always go to nature when I need grounding and love!! Nature is there for's calm ways of being, it just has to be from chaos, god and love...

nsiyer said...

Great and I loved it. Chaos is in the mind, I strongly believe.

Syd said...

We often create our own chaos. I like the idea of entropy--that things turn to disorder when left alone. True in many ways!

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