Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ripples in the Pond

Fog in the harbor, Morro Bay, California

Ripples in the Pond

Sometimes it hits me upside the head,
how what happened to her
touched him and he touched me
and I told someone and
in the telling she was touched
and the touches keep touching.
One day I want to ask God:
Please show me
the ripples in the pond
where my stone reached.


Brian Miller said...

nice...what a tender and just cool verse....i want to see the ripples too!

Kristin H. said...

Thank you for the shot of Morro Bay. That was my destination of choice when I lived in Bakersfield. I would love to retire there and do nothing but stare at Morro Rock.

The Bug said...

It's pretty fascinating how we can reach people we've never heard of without even knowing it. It really would be cool to see all those ripples.

Titus said...

Lovely. And never underestimate the power of the 'and'. Wonderful use here.

timbre said...

Enchanted Oak, hi, I'm timbre, an AlAnon person, and new to your site. New to AlAnon, for that matter. I, too, have built a blog site but turned it off for now to concentrate on my evolving program instead of on the distraction the blog was becoming.

I'm stopping in to say that I admire your view in response to the 10/28 post at the "I'm just F.I.N.E.-- Recovery in Al-Anon" blog. (This: "I think we go to those meetings to testify that lives can be changed by doing simple things, because someone was there testifying when we showed up. Someone will hear, and we often don't know who that is. I guess it's none of our business, is it? Our job is to keep showing up, steer the course, and testify.")

And in this 10/25 post of yours, here, I feel the sweep of my own heart and imagination in your words... Indeed, "the touches keep touching." And, indeed, "show me the ripples... where my stone reached." I wonder what shores my stones ultimately eroded? Or built?

I love what I've seen of your writing and thought you'd like to know that. As a writer "for life" myself, I would like to know, too. But I also know that feedback is incidental to the writing life.

Anyway, I'm delighted to make your acquaintance...

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