Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gimme an Asteroid, Sunny-side Up

Weird stuff to ponder on a weekend morning: What plans should we make for our appointment with an asteroid Tuesday afternoon?

I have a freelance writing deadline that day: Will it matter if I make it? The looming asteroid stimulates Hamlet questions. Is it nobler to spend the weekend nose-to-grindstone, honoring my commitment in hopes of a future? Or should I shine it on? Shall I take arms against a sea of oppressors and their outrageous fortunes, go Occupy somewhere, or should I go to the movies?

Seriously, folks, I’m going to see Puss In Boots before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

Now, after that peek through a window in my silly mind, here’s another, hot off the press. It was provoked by this week’s Poetry Jam prompt (more sneak peeks here).


What hides from the outside world
behind her face festooned with flowers
might be the prick of the poisoned rose
or worse
the clatter of cloven hooves
as her demons cook their dinner
with this day’s torments

You never know
what gingham curtains veil
what beast exhales
behind that convivial cloak
willing you to leave
frightened by the light
you stand in so bravely


Brian Miller said...

def need to have an asteroid party...time to go out in style...all i am saying...of course that may be the prick of the devil in me...oops....nice play in your words today chris...

Poetry of the Day said...

not sure how i feel about the asteroid

Jinksy said...

demons cook their dinner?

Well, it is Sunday! LOL. Roast, anybody?

The Cello Strings said...

love your imagination around the window.


Lou said...

well, hell..I'm not going to work tomorrow!

Helen said...

It's Tuesday and we're still here ... I do like those gingham curtains ~ and your poem.

Mary said...

I like it. You never know what goes on behind the gingham. It may be much different than what you think. (Hope you enjoyed Puss N Boots. I almost went to see it today as well.)

The Cello Strings said...

nature is tricky in deed,

insightful thoughts on windows.