Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your Name Is Good

Ten times say your name fast in a row
and you will get a foreign country
where subversives blow up baby buggies
because they cannot run the government

You will find the Latin species name
for an iridescent butterfly living high up
in the Amazon, which mates and then it dies

If you call yourself by your full name
the one beknighted on you by your loving parents
and you say it swiftly ten times in a row

You may discover yourself to be an exquisite gadget
on a spaceship headed for the moon, an element
of astronomical importance, in competent hands

You will hear the name of an obscure rondele
written by a protege of Mozart, a silly dance
for an odd assortment of laughing people.

What you will not hear is who you are, in the flesh
and in the mind. You are not a beast that Adam
named. You are a human mystery, and you are fine


Monkey Man said...

I love this. Wasn't sure where you wer going and absolutely loved the journey. Word by word.

Madison said...

You have gift.

Syd said...

I like being the Latin species name of some odd sea creature.

Thanks for commenting and writing here Chris. It's good for me to read you and know that you are safe and writing poetry.

I have a kinship with you my friend.

Tall Kay said...

I cannot believe you are posting comments from your hospital bed! You are such a jewel. Take good care of Chris tonight, okay?

enchantedoak said...

Hi, fellow travelers on this journey to wellness! I love that they are letting me have a laptop on this ward where we are locked in. I am not locked in so long as I have access to you, my friends.
So far, they've changed a few medications and taken me off "suicide watch," which strikes me as a funny turn of phrase. So I'm able to interact a little more and have found two newbies in detox to eat dinner with. There's a wrench for every nut!
Now I get to travel to your blogs and see what's up with some of you fine people. Blessings to you,

Steve E. said...

We ARE a human mystery which God will unravel, solve.

Karen said...

Bless you, Chris! "You are a human mystery, and you are fine."

You are a fine, wonderful poet and thinker and creation. I'm so proud of you for seeking and accepting help and being here.

You should hear my name ten times in a row. Most people can't even say it once. :-)

the walking man said...

A mystery no more now that we kicked open the locked door,

Gin said...

I so look forward to my visits here every day and you NEVER dissappoint! Thank you and take care of yourself!!!!

Glynis said...

Amazing work, yet again. Keep strong.

enchantedoak said...

They have medication here that keeps my head from exploding, and I'm getting more stabile, less weepy, all the time.
Thank you all for your good wishes.