Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Accidental Blogger Gets a Prize

A year ago today I accidentally created this blog while nosing around in search of someone I don't remember anymore. It was accidental because I didn't know I was creating a real blog. I thought it was a test blog.

Now I head for the laptap most mornings and I cherish a number of people I might never meet. A few friends I still miss keenly since they stopped blogging, like Madison, Jenn, and Tall Kay. (Hi, you guys [waving at the air]! I'm thinking of you!) The rest of you make more appearances in my life than some members of my family. So happy anniversary, everyone.

But that's not all I want to say. The reason there's an egret in the post today is that I just won a great big prize for one of my poems. The California State Poetry Society's annual competition chose "How an Egret Saved Me" for first place this year. It's one of my favorites.

How an Egret Saved Me

I lay prostrate on the couch & worried & worried
The newspaper scattered like leaves around my bier
The syllables of war trip over the tongue like poetry
Afghaniraq darfuristan & the birds are fluttering
Into extinction In the latter days the seas arise
My aunt says God is coming soon but where is he
Where is his sign I’ve lost you to the television
& the latest tennis match among the titans
Worried & worried until I saw the water’s reflection
On the wall there A dancing curvature of light
& through the glass I saw the egret winging past
The long white neck folded & long dark legs folded
Trimly as a package born aloft on broad white wings
A love letter airmailed from a distant God

( A photographer code-named Actual took the photo of the egret.)


Brian Miller said...

woohoo congrats chris! that is awesome and a great verse to boot...

Elisabeth said...

Congratulations on an inspiring poem and an accidental blog.

For an accident you've done wonderfully well - on your blog that is. Your poem is clearly no accident.

RNSANE said...

So beautiful, Chris, and worthy of first place, absolutely. Warmest congratulations!!

Argent said...

The poetry judges got it right, I think. I really like this - the repetition of worry and worry and that absolutely killer last line! Congratualtions, you've earned it!

The Bug said...

Congratulations! On the anniversary & the prize - you deserve it for that lovely poem.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Absolutely no surprise to me that you won the poetry comp, great poem The line..
'The syllables of war trip over the tongue like poetry'
is a shockingly good line.

Congrats and happlee aniverseral!

e said...

How wonderful and well-deserved, Chris! Congratulations.

Monkey Man said...

Congrats, Chris. A deserving piece for a deserving writer. I miss Jenn and TK too. Life moves on.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

Congratulations on the prize for your thoughtful poem. It is always good to win something, an acknowledgement of efforts!

Tari said...

Congratulations Chris! You are a great poet. We all know that here. Glad that you are getting the recognition you deserve.

TechnoBabe said...

Ah Hah! Great poem and congrats on the award. You deserve the recognition and you can add praise from your readers to this too.

Prayer Girl said...

I'm with you. I miss Madison, Jenn and Tall Kay too. They were wonderful women and wonderful bloggers.

Love your poem. No wonder you won a first place.


Woman in a Window said...

Chris, I love the play within the lines. There are some miracles that save us from darker notions and I am thankful, too.

Congratulations and more! I'm glad such accidents happen.


Gabriella Moonlight said...

I so love you Chris, your blog, you, the poem and just the amazing manner you have to inspire, to share and to always enchant and share your love, your willingness to share and your journey....thank you! thank you so much for you, your blog and your amazing words!!!
xoxoxo G

Dianne said...

Thanks for sharing this with the family in the internet ether. I still wonder if I am real.
Thanks for stretching me. And thanks to all the bloggers who read your work. You are a real poet.

Karen said...

Yayyy! This is one beautiful poem - you have something to say and a wonderful way of saying it so that it resonates with your readers. I celebrate you.

Marion said...

Congratulations!! Your voice comes through so wonderfully in your poem.

I love your blog. I always find inspiration and honesty here.

Syd said...

A wonderful poem. Many congratulations on the award. You are so gifted.

Georgina Dollface said...

Happy anniversary and congratulations on the poetry award. You certainly deserve it. Signs of hope are all around us. We just have to be open to noticing them. Thank you for reminding me of this. - G

Scott said...

I love blogging, and I am so glad we've met here in the blogosphere.

Congratulations on such a wonderful honour! The poem is interesting, beautiful and melancholy to me.


steveroni said...

At 2:30 AM I sit here in awe as I read the "Egret" for the second time. Want to make sure I did not miss anything. This is definitely not good poetry...


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

MeWowZa! Since we are cats we would nab that 'feather in your cap' but the prize would still be yours! Congratulations and yes, we should all look for something in each day to save us...

Yvonne Osborne said...

beautiful poem and awesome prize

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