Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rested and Refreshed

A crazy week came to a close yesterday. In quiet happiness I watched with the rest of the world as the trapped miners stepped into freedom, one at a time, emerging with a relief I can’t even imagine into the open sky with bear hugs and joy.

First thing, we got my husband resettled after an early-morning medical procedure and got a little food in our bellies, and then I stayed glued to the Web all day. Every other pressing issue was laid aside. I had turned in the last of my assigned magazine articles the night before. Like the miners, I could take deep breaths at last.

I’d had to shut out the world for three days between Sunday morning and Tuesday night so I could do the work I was assigned to do. The emotional eruptions that developed late last week were still in process but they went on without my help. The phone was off, literally and figuratively.

A couple of dramas have been unfolding, and it’s curious to see how hard it has been to step away and not participate in the anxiety and speculation. On Tuesday morning, the hospice bereavement counselor made me stop talking about the issues. She had me put my feet flat on the floor, close my eyes, breathe in and out, and become aware of my physical self centered in my seat. After a while, she sent me home with instructions to engage only in the things that took care of what I myself needed. Like finishing the articles I was responsible for.

Now it’s a new day. I can check in with my loved ones and see what I can do to help today. I can encourage and listen. With a little respite from the drama, it’s easier to see that of course I’m powerless to fix anything, and I don’t need to wail and wring my hands over it. All the people who worked to rescue those 33 miners helped each other to explore solutions one step at a time. What I CAN do is stay calm, surround myself with a good team, and do whatever is in front of me to do today with graciousness.

Today’s meditation started with a quote from Galileo: “The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.”

I’m going to take it easy today and see what I can do to help ripen a few grapes.


Brian Miller said...

you have had quite the week. it has been amazing to watch the families coming back together...and sounds lik eyou have some good direction

The Bug said...

Good for you! Of course you are valuable to those who need you - but you're valuable to your own self too. What's that oxygen mask saying? Take care of YOU!

Beth Niquette said...

Oh! My word! What an extraordinary photo.

((hugs)) You are in my prayers this morning, dear one. ((hugs))

Nana Jo said...

A beautiful post, Chris. It helped "ripen" the beauty of this day. I, too, am grateful for the gift of breathing deeply along with the rescued miners.

Birdie said...

Chris, just love it, just love it!!! I find that in helping others our own healing comes ... big hugs!!

Monkey Man said...

Timely meditation. Guess sometimes we get what we need.

Terra said...

The miracle of the miners and how they were rescued can buoy us up, and you had apt advice given to you about putting your feet on the floor, breathing and doing what was needed.
I hope this is a week where you can soar.

Kim A. said...

Your hospice counselor sounds like an angel who gave you some good direction. I am glad you shared it because I've been kicking myself for a few days and guess what? I didn't get anything for it except a sore behind. Thank you for reminding me it's okay to just be I am, warts and all.


Karen said...

Take care of yourself, Chris.


Dianne said...

I wish I could turn off the phone.
I referenced you today, in the context of the media's sensationalizing.
reveling in a birth of grace,

Syd said...

It sounds like what Al-Anon has taught me--to take care of my needs and keep the focus on me. Glad that you are breathing and putting feet on the ground.

Marla said...

I am glad and encouraged for you. I may need to take some of this as good advice for myself.