Monday, December 19, 2011

Furrst Love

Heavy Petting

Oh Kate, Kate,
hefty weight of softest fur,
the pat on lap brings her leaping
up to crouch contented there
prickle paws, claws dig in
sumptuously glad
for stroking hand on silky back,
she lifts her head, squinty eyed,
for cheeky rubs, damp-nosed
happiness, vibrating purr
leaning all of her against my breast,
my Kate, my joyous cat.

Kate and her sister Mystery were abandoned feral foundlings, eyes barely opened. Nursed by hand, raised by beagles and women, what they know of life is human kindness and doggie tolerance, the world is their oyster, and our laps belong to them.

Sometimes, when the world seems dismal, my cat helps me to remember simple things are still priceless.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

A men, love this poetry, kitty, photo and words!

Brian Miller said...

aww too cute...we got a new kitten this year...he is going to be a big one...but so fun and it has also woke up our elder cat a bit as well...

the walking man said...

Spot on about the simplest of things bringing the greatest of calm and pleasure Chris.

Syd said...

Cats are so cool. We have four rescues here. Two live in the heated garage and two live in the main house. They are wonderful critters.

Carrie Burtt said...

Kate is adorable....animals are such a blessing! Believe it or not....we have 7 cats....i know what you are thinking..."crazy cat lady"....:-)

Kristin H. said...

I love that kind of cat. The gray and black. LOVE it!

Mary said...

Chris, this warms my heart. I feel the same about my dogs. One rests on my lap now as I write this response. No better friends than the four-legged kind!

Rachel Hoyt said...

Very sweet poem. Beautiful cats. :)

Argent said...

You absolutely nailed the essence of cat. They are a joy and sooo poe-genic!

Margaret said...

I'm a cat LOVER and this was a sweet post.

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