Thursday, March 25, 2010

Strange Ideas

This was the sky yesterday before dawn.
Why are there so many contrails? I have watched the sunrise for months now, and I’ve never seen this many in the east.

During the day, numerous jets fly overhead on their way to San Francisco and Los Angeles, I think. One day last week, the atmosphere up where they fly was so still that every contrail lasted for a long time, and contrails upon contrails crisscrossed the sky until they actually merged and became high clouds, lowering the temperature here on my part of the earth.

A reader of a weekly newspaper I used to edit here in my small town once sent me an interesting letter to the editor. She believed that contrails were part of a chemical conspiracy to sedate the masses. She asked me to send a reporter to investigate this. That would have made an intriguing story. But my staff was busy on other stories and I had to put that idea in the slush pile to be considered on a slow news day that never came.

There are curious tales wherever you look. I once sent a reporter out to interview the wastewater manager of the city. He’s like the chief of the sewer. My reporter was terrific and came back with a wonderful story about what happens to the water that goes down the drain in your house. My reporter asked the guy, What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in the big trap the wastewater flows through on the way to the pond? He said the strangest thing he found was a set of false teeth (they went unclaimed).

Today I’m taking a mental health day. Yesterday I spent all afternoon in an ophthalmologist’s office waiting to consult about my mother’s cataracts. It’s very hard to wait with a person who has dementia. Mom can’t read magazines or hold conversations. She has a very short attention span. At one point, she said lucidly, I’ve had enough of this shit; I want to go home. Cracked me up. I felt exactly the same way.

At any rate, I’m going to get out in the garden today and turn some soil. I’m not going to think about loved ones with Alzheimer’s or brain damage (see my Wednesday post). I’m going to praise God for my working mind and for the advent of Spring.

Spring Has Sprung

Winter cracked
and it broke wide open

out sprang a nectarine tree
in a hot pink tutu

it did a little pirouette
pink petals shivered

then out sprang a plum tree
in a white bridal gown

it did a little shimmy
a snowfall of white petals

drifted down on
the breathless congregation
What strange tales have you heard recently?


Alan Burnett said...

I do love the concept of a "mental health day". I must incorporate it into my life in some way.

Brian Miller said...

playful fun verse...enjoy the mental health break...there is just something about ones hands in soil...a reconnection...

Nessa said...

The images in your poem are as bright and audacious as a Spring day.

Shadow said...

you go out and enjoy nature! you're allowed to.

the walking man said...

The people who work in a waste water plant are a bit deranged from mining the gold that passes before them on the way to the incinerator.

Enchanted Oak said...

Walking Man just made me laugh my a*s off. Now I want to go Google "waste water treatment" to see if the "gold" is really incinerated.

Magpie said...

What a coincidence! I spent yesterday in two doctor's offices with my dad...waiting and waiting. I love your mom's comment!!
I think you've got the right idea. A mental health day is indeed in order and I believe mine shall involve getting my hair colored!
A bit of pampering sounds like heaven right now.
Enjoy your day with the soil.

Woman in a Window said...

I've chillds from you, Chris. You're in a fertile place, whether you choose to be or not. Your garden will grow.

(I have a crush on your mom.)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sky. I didn't know those were called contrails. Enjoy being outside and have a great day!

Steve E said...

Yeah, mee too! I thought they were called entrails--grin! Ooops! That's
what wastewater guy might find...

I find courage in your taking a mental health day off. Many have not grown to that level of self preservativeness or me, first.

If you are not whole and healthy, you cannot perform well, in any (I tell myself) we do the world a favor by keeping ourselves healthy. And yep, the dirty dirt always helps ME centralize. Thanks again for good post!


TechnoBabe said...

Your mom sounds pretty cool in her own way. I know it is difficult and lots of energy for you. Enjoy your day and recoup.

Syd said...

I'm taking a mental health day tomorrow and going on the boat. Spring fever has hit me.

Marla said...

The strangest thing I've heard lately is one of my kids thinking we wouldn't find out about their shenanigans. When will they ever learn?

Have a great break-away day!!

Larry said...

totally beautiful link there chris and guess what I knew you could do it all along. It's an awersome feeling knowing I can teach some one just a little bit of what I know. I've been working on my Blog for a few days making changes and would love for you to come N see I'm proud of you and your link thingie LOL


Stan Ski said...

It would take me more than a day...
Lovely celebration of spring.