Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You Nailed Me


You nailed me
with your comment
that I am an addict
and yes I do see
the truth in your view

but truth isn’t always
the whole fuckin’ story
and truth isn’t always
the sole way to see

You stalk me
with pamphlets
designed to appall me
with babies deformed
by their mothers’

the truth isn’t always
the whole fuckin’ story
and truth isn’t always
the sole way to see

It’s true I’m addicted
but I want this baby
an abortion is bad
for my imperfect soul
I have to say no

the truth isn’t always
the whole fuckin’ story
and truth isn’t always
the sole way to see

Leave me in peace
I will bear this alone
I’ll clean up my act
and be a good mother
You asshole, you’ll see

the truth isn’t always
the whole fuckin’ story
and truth isn’t always
the just way to see


This poem is based, ironically, on a true story, an event that happened in my life.
Tuesday is Magpie Tales day. Willow publishes a photograph to inspire a piece of fiction or poetry. Follow the link to see what wonderful creative minds are doing with nails.

Today is my AA anniversary. I mark two years clean and sober. In an earlier life I had far more years but never this much serenity. I remember clearly what happened two years ago today, and I am content to be what I am.


Peter Goulding said...

Hi EO, well, this one was a bolt from the blue! There's a great rhythm to this piece and the repetition of the refrain only emphasises it.
You could have doubled up this one for TFE's poetry bus this week!

the walking man said...

"fuck 'em" let them see what they see for in their eyes, I will never be as good as they are when they compare the sanctimonious them to me.

Anonymous said...

Happy sober birthday Chris!

Brian Miller said...

wow. tight piece. lot of emotion there...happy anniversary.

christine said...


Happy Anniversary and what an achievement two years wow! You're some woman.
It a privilege to read your writings.. I love your Magpie Tales poem.. You Nail Me, such depth of feelings and sad too.
Hugs and Blessings
Christine aka alwayssmiling

Collette said...

Congratulations! Happy Sober Birthday! Serenity is a very important part of sobriety &I am glad you finally have it. May you continue on in sobriety, one day at a time. (((HUGS)))

Dave King said...

Here, here! There are so many truths, none of them the whole truth - and there aint too many whole lies, either. Enjoyed the post.

evalinn said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, good job!

And great poem too!

I´ll have to go check MagpieTales out now.

Nessa said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Powerful poem.

Tales on Tuesday - Lost in Space

Woman in a Window said...

Holy impact, Chris! You sober me and give me pause to think. I love love this, the truth isn’t alwaysthe whole fuckin’ story
and truth isn’t always
the sole way to see. It applies to so much and intones what I believe, judgement is just plain farkin wrong.

much of this
and happy two years!

Anonymous said...

I am proud of you on this very significant anniversary!


Tracy said...

Congrats on your anniversary!

TechnoBabe said...

Being content is rare for most people, you know that right? Good for you. Two years one day at a time. Each day a little wiser and a little stronger. I like the poem, the sole way to see ends with the just way to see. Nice little turn.

Kim A. said...

Happy Anniversary! Only you know just how much that means to you but I know that every sober AA member is one more that might pass my son's path and be there for him. I'm grateful.


steviewren said...

Wow, you nailed me with the thought that there are always layers to the truth. None of us can see into the heart of another. Happy Anniversary!

willow said...

Congratulations on your 2 year mark! Raw and powerful piece.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! The answers aren't always easy. We've just got to seek guidance, listen and try to do the next right thing. Enjoy!!

Marion said...

Chris, I'm running out the door but I could not not comment on this piece. It is raw and very, very powerful. It is genius writing.

And I know how much these anniversaries mean and I am so happy, pleased, proud and in awe of you.

Congratulations, over and over again!

Syd said...

Happy birthday Chris. I am glad that you have found peace and serenity. I remember so badly wanting it. Some days it would be there for a few hours. Now I have it most all the day. Recovery is awesome.

Syd said...

Chris, this may be a duplicate comment but Bloggr was acting up:

Happy sober Anniversary. It is great to feel happiness and serenity. I can remember wanting to have it and being glad for a few hours of serenity. Now I have it most of the day. Recovery is awesome.

Angie Muresan said...

Incredibly powerful. Congratulations on your two years of sobriety. Best wishes to you.

Catalyst said...

Chris, congratulations on your two year anniversary and on this powerful, powerful poem. Great work!

lakeviewer said...

YOU nailed it!

Vicki Lane said...

Congratulations on the two year mark!

I adore the ring and intent of the poem... and I am going to embroider the line 'Truth isn't always the whole fuckin' story' on something.

pattinase (abbott) said...

nice idea to inspire a poem. Being near Easter, I think I'd have come up with a religious poem-with nails and all. Yours is a bigger and braver leap.

R. Burnett Baker said...

Powerful and painful message! This could easily be made into song with the right music and singer.

Thanks for visiting me. And congratulations on your milestone!!


Alan Burnett said...

A poem worthy of the event it celebrates. Well done you.

Karen said...

I always find honesty and truth here. Congratulations on your two-year anniversary, your serenity and your great talent that you've chosen to share with us!

Magpie said...

A very stirring piece.
Congratulations on your anniversary! Such a wonderful accomplishment.

Lisa said...

raw, honest, and beautiful. Follow your heart and your path. Happy 2 years of sobriety. May you know peace, love, hope, and joy!

Matty said...

That's quite a moving piece in conjunction with your 2 year anniversary. Keep on.

Larry said...

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Zephyrs Revenge



SO moving and compelling, your writing just blows me away, it is very powerful! I love your blog! And, with twenty years as a 'friend of Bill's', I applaud your two year anniversary - congratulations.

The Bug said...

I love this piece! It's so true that judging another person is just a waste of time - we never really know what's going on inside their head.

My Magpie poem for last week was about a person who made a different kind of choice. I think your person ended up being much healthier emotionally!

Marla said...

Wonderful, in every sense. Thank you for your transparency, Chris.

little hat said...

Chris, felt like i was listening to a song. I loved your directness and honesty. Had a peek at a couple of others as well. You got style.