Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Recipe Calls for Rainbows, Elephants, and Pineapples

My silence this past week stems from a couple of writing assignments that captured my attention (liking the story is always a nice bonus when you’re being told what to write about). The longest assignment was a dramatic story about the difficult rescue of a 38-year-old wife and mother who was severely injured in a remote wilderness area. A series of little miracles saved her life and her ability to walk, and she radiated gratitude.
My house is now decorated with Christmas lights and red velvet bows. Tomorrow is my youngest daughter’s 25th birthday and we’re headed for some kind of adventure, and possibly getting our Christmas tree, a lifelong tradition on her birthday. I’m still not feeling very well, but it has been a great week.

And now TFE’s Poetry Bus is chugging around the world, with Titus the Dog driving. Titus is a wonderful poet, but I’m not sure about having a hound at the wheel. If the unusual prompts are an indication, it’s going to be a wild Monday. Our choices were to write a poem to place in an “Essence Vessel” (it’s indescribable; you’ll have to go look at Titus’s post here), or to write a poem after watching a performance artist at work. I’m eager to see what the Bus riders will do (they are all linked here). Buffaloed at first, I decided to respond to the performance artist, with this:
If I were the Creator

I would spin stars on my index fingers
balance a plate of pineapples on my head
and march around the continental shelves
shin-deep in sea water.

I would drape myself in a cape of clouds
harness the jet stream to a herd of elephants
for a gallop around the glowing blue globe
with a flock of ravens.

I would swing a rainbow like a hockey stick
smack all atomic elements into the Milky Way
to be gobbled up by the black hole there
and jettisoned away.

I would resurrect my invention of manna
stir it with oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide
and mantle the earth with a nourishing soup
so no one would starve.

I would station angels on mountaintops
so the air would resound with song
and heavy hearts float like soap bubbles
glittering in the sun.

If I were the Creator laughter would reign
and the moon’s music would lift the night
like a velour blanket tucking all in
for the sleep of a child.

Where is the Creator? Indeed, has he left?
Without him the world is wholly bereft.
Maybe he’ll hear this mad dream of mine
and respond with a sign.
I hope he is kind.

The illo of continental shelves is courtesy


e said...

I wish you and your daughter a very special day tomorrow, and I hope you'll feel better.

RNSANE said...

Okay, I vote you assistant Creator. I think the Big Man could use some help. It's a big burden, handling this old world and I truly love some of your ideas.

We both have December children. My oldest, Shawn, will be 40 ( oh, God, how can it be??? ) on the 17th. I don't know if he'll be home or not. He's been doing Air Force days ever since he got back from his four month stint in Germany - working at Travis which is nice since, without it, he'd be jobless.

the watercats said...

If only you were the creator!... I love this quirky rebellious passionate yell.. excellent!

the walking man said...

By my count I saw 14 proofs of the creator mentioned in this piece. I doubt that spirit has gone anywhere but rather it is us that have looked away from that spirit and the tending of creation.

izzy said...

Oh my oh my I do love this! truly heart felt. Wonder is such a marvelous element and generosity is pure! feed everyone!
from a central place - yay! That, sleep and a kind, God of my understanding- Oh yes!Believe that I believe if nothing else-Thanks.

Shadow said...

i love you as creator, wonderful images. oh, and i LOOOOOVE your new blog picture!

Kim A. said...

Somehow, I think that the Universe heard you! I would love to hear the angels sing. Lovely one today.


Magpie said...

Oh, I would have to imagine this is what our Creator had in mind when he performed his wonderful miracles too.
Love the lines...
"and heavy hearts float like soap bubbles
glittering in the sun."

The Bug said...

I love this! It's Big Rock Candy Mountain, Chris version - and much healthier I must say. I wonder about the creator too - and I echo the Walking Man. Perhaps if we looked in the right direction...

Helen said...

Chris, you captured the 'out of this world' essence of the Matreyek video ... I found it entrancing - as I do your poem.

Dick said...

I'm delighted by the kaleidoscopic images firing up your Creator's rampage through the universe. It reads beautifully - but, on balance, I'm happy with my godless dimension!

Titus said...

Oh, the watercats said it best! Quirky, rebellious, passionate yell... Gaia with gusts, guts, giggles and guffaws. And then that sobering final verse, of many more than two questions.
Great ticket EO; much to enjoy, much to think about.
And Many Happy Returns to youngest daughter, have a fabulous day! For you are creator...

Gabriella Moonlight said...

The whole post is amazing and I realize how much I missed reading you while I was on hiatus...

'putting angels on mountaintops' is perfect...

love this poem and you

Jinksy said...

You can create my alternative universe any time you like m'dear!

Carolina Linthead said...

For thousands of years we humans have struggled with the "hidden" Creator. While capturing much of the world's beauty and splendor, your poem also reminds us of that which we cannot comprehend: the suffering and sadness. "If I were the Creator, laughter would reign..." Would that it were so. Thank you for this!

Cad said...

Put me down for your world, please?

Syd said...

I like your being the Creator's assistant. You have some great ideas. Laughter would reign--indeed. I like the continental shelf bathymetry chart.

Totalfeckineejit said...

You have a dream Chris, I like your dream!

Marla said...

A writing assignment. What a beautiful sound that is.

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