Monday, September 20, 2010

This Is About Love, Not the Weather

I’m disconcerted. The season changed today. That abruptly. Yesterday it was over 90 degrees here. This morning at 6:30, the sun hadn’t dawned yet. Autumn happened overnight.

This has been the strangest season. The weather was odd, cooler than usual. The roses bloomed all spring and summer long, not taking their customary July and August break. The dahlias don’t know what to do. Every single one of the two-year-olds looks like crap. Only the hardiest of old faithfuls thrived. I made a choice back in June: Not once did I fertilize. “You’re fending for yourselves,” I told them. “Do your best.”

I’m a competitive gardener. I tend flowers carefully so I can enter them in the regional fair each year. This year, when I looked at the entry forms in June, I had a strong premonition, precognition, intuition—it told me to take a break. My mother started dying during the 10-day fair.

I’m thankful that I have flowers at all.

Today I’m hopping on the Totalfeckineegit’s Poetry Bus (go here for the tour). Our task is weddings, not the weather. Yesterday I edited my entire manuscript of poems and discovered not one sweet love poem in it, although there is a sexy poem about the weather.

So I wrote a poem suitable for speaking at a wedding, if it were my wedding and not your wedding.

Without End

I don’t love you
as your dog loves you
with mindless devotion
I love you
with every firing synapse
relishing your humanity
aware of my own

I don’t love you
as your daughter loves you
with blinding need
I love you
with passion on purpose
and I choose you
with eyes wide open

I don’t love you
as your mother loves you
with future hopes
I love you
with a blend of flesh
and mystical not-flesh
exactly as you are.

I love you
with the ferocity of lions
with the immensity of space
My love for you
is immeasurable
forever, amen.


Brian Miller said...

love that last verse the ferocity of lions and the immensity of space...that is some kinda love...

the walking man said...

Hold up there Missy! first how did your reading go???

This is too honest by the way for a wedding poem. To blunt might scare the groom or bride or both off if they realized that love ain't always a dewey eyed emotion.

The Bug said...

Yes, this is how it is with Dr. M & me - immeasurable forever. Can't even fathom the alternative!

Monkey Man said...

Sexy poem about weather???? Chris? I could hardly read on I was laughing so hard. But I did and am grateful for it. Tremendous lovefest.

e said...

Well, it hasn't cooled off here, I am past even imagining cooler weather.

I love this poem, although thinking that a dog only loves with mindless devotion I'm not sure does dogs justice.

I hope your reading the other night went well!

Lyn said...

"with the ferocity of lions.
with the immensity of space"


Peter Goulding said...

Its the juxtaposition of the top and bottoms of each stanza that makes this work. A lovely balanced piece...

Helen said...

I love the 'I don't love you's' as much as the 'I love you's' ....

Syd said...

Immeasurable love is something special for sure. Wonderful poem.

Alan Burnett said...

That is a stunningly good poem.

Rachel Fox said...

Really like this. Full of power!

Dianne said...

wow, only one hot juicy erotic one, I beg your pardon, but I recal one of the first I heard about a chicken in the kitchen.

not a wedding piece, of course. but a love poem none the less.

this is cool, and sounds like you.

TechnoBabe said...

That is unusual to show how you don't love and then say how you do love, nice touch.

Karen said...

This is a wonderful tribute to what sounds to be a second marriage.

Mariana Soffer said...

I am happy to be able to step trough this post again. It is always a pleasure to read it. I loved the poem you wrote, it is really good, profound and enlightening.
I was thinking that is kind of paradoxical that you are talking at this time about autum, while we are here in spring but nevertheless it makes no difference.
Take care and be well my friend

Gwei Mui said...

Oh yes the last stanza had the hair on the back of my neck standing to attention

RNSANE said...

Hey lady, you sure do know how to love! Could that be why you are married such a long time?

Totalfeckineejit said...

Who could ask for a better ,stronger , love?

D.M.K. said...

I love this! Enjoyed every word, especially the last stanza. Love your blog, i'm taking notes..hopefully one day my skill level will be as yours. Thanks for sharing!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Powerful and wonderful.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Marla said...

Absolutely beautiful ~

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