Thursday, December 29, 2011

An End To It

Music ended a decades-long writer’s block for me. What I wrote that night five years ago is not a great poem, but it was an ice breaker. I’ve learned that making a beginning is the key to everything. And with the Poetry Jam’s prompt this week being music, and with the year ending, this subject has special meaning for me. I’ll share the song that ended the long silence of poetry for me, “Tu Quieres Volver” by Sarah Brightman.

To get the gist of what happened to me, you might listen to the song first, then read the poem that arose from it. I’ve posted the poem before, so if it sounds familiar, please just enjoy Sarah singing.

Look at It This Way

this is you
this is her
twin threads twining in space
up and up andupandup
sinuous as snakes
the dance of the double helix
making life grow high

this is you
this is her
round notes soaring
high and round as the moon
in a purple sky
full of light a bird in flight
a waltz of wind and feather
mounting waves of air

this is you
this is her
a swelling-rising-rearing-
crashing wave
shatters on the sand
and the sand soothes
calms and suckles
a soft sighing washing smooth
the rough edges and the fury

this is you
this is her
strong arms gripping
across the precipice of loneliness
strong limbs bowing with the wind
strong lines moored in heavy seas
above all holding fast
in the face of all storms


Elisabeth said...

This is lovely, Enchanted, your words and the song and music, as if made for each other. Seasons greetings.

Anonymous said...

this is stunning, Chris! maybe we can't have poetry without music or music without poetry? the line between the two often blurs to me.

thank you so much for sharing this at Poetry Jam. it's a beautiful song!

dani ♥

Brian Miller said... the repitition in this chris...effective...and to find that one to entwine that makes the loneliness go away...nice take...

Mary said...

Ah, beautiful Brightman song; but I don't know French so could only enjoy the images and the voice.

A strong write. I loved the last stanza, picturing the strength that can hold fast in the face of storms (of life).

the cuby poet said...

So full of emotion, complex and needs a few readings and I feel that I need to say just keep hanging on in there.

Helen said...

This was playing on my stereo/CD just yesterday ... so many of the tracks on the CD bring me to tears ... this is one of them. Thank you for another opportunity to listen ... your poem is as moving as the music, Chris. Happy New Year.

Peggy said...

I am glad you shared this again Chris as I did not see it the first time. Wonderful that it broke writer's paralysis for you. I like the repetition in this as well as the images. Oh and I very much like the photo of the oak trees.

Syd said...

Thanks Chris. I like your ocean imagery. Something that I never tire of reading or seeing.

Lou said...

This song really opened your heart! You have been on a roll ever since;)

I had not heard the song before, I closed my eyes and got carried away for a minute. Lovely.

e said...

This was lovely, and isn't it great when breakthroughs occur? I wish you much joy in the new year and I'm still taking my vitamins!

izzy said...

I especially like.... moored in heavy the face of all storms-
and yes music transports and transforms us if we allow it!
Thanks and Happy New Year!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Beautiful! :)

ScottF said...

Hi Chris :-) I couldn't put th etune on, in a coffee shop without my headphones lol.

Lovely piece to read... I've been away from creative writing for awhile but not stressing about it. It came before, it will come again. I've found it best not to force. Thankfully, I don't earn a living through creative writing, or I'd be in trouble right now.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the wwords of enouragement :-)

Mama Zen said...

I love this! Beautiful writing.

T & T Livesay said...

Chris - SO lovely!

above all holding fast
in the face of all storms

Happy New Year to you!

Steve E said...

Chris i love Sarah B sounds. Thank you for the 'story'...what brought you back, what saved you from the storms.

Sometimes i believe music plays a huge role in our enjoyment of the human experience. Thank you God!

Thanks for your visit...we were long overdue for a reunion in blog posting!


Anonymous said...

WHile I have never heard your voice, I can almost hear you speaking the words of this beautiful piece,

Taylor Boomer said...

this is powerful, your words sing.

Happy New Year.

Lolamouse said...

A beautiful poem with such strong images. It makes me imagine those fountains where the jets of water entwine and rise up and up and up, then crash back down. Just lovely.

Margaret said...

a soft sighing washing smooth
the rough edges and the fury

That is beautiful.

Heaven said...

Love the music...very inspiring and sweeping ~

I feel the swelling, rising and rearing of your words. May you write more beautiful words ~


Ute Carbone said...

The music is wonderful. I love the video, too with all those lovely lush images. Your words match the music and mood- lovely.