Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Peanut Butter Skin

In the past 18 years, I've spent a fair amount of time learning to be.
I used to be someone else, usually drunk. Usually argumentative. Usually scared spitless of other people. Not to mention tortured.
Sobriety has changed me. Continues to change me. Continues to change how the world appears, not to mention the people in it.
I'm in a hurry this morning. We're off in two days for time in the Big Sur redwoods. My husband pants at my shoulder, waiting for me to help with the preparations. Happy Tuesday to you all.

Peanut Butter Skin

I am lathered in peanut butter and coated in oats.
I stretch my long limbs and pace the byways of life
in this voluptuous skin, casting off bits of me
wherever I roam …

Stupendously strange, I travel with ease on the streets
of my city, savored by people wearing polyester
and silk, who look in amusement and pleasure at me,
so harmlessly different …

I feel youthful and sturdy in my buttery pelt;
all of my parts are smoothly united. I am deliciously
warm, lavishly textured, and each gentle gesture
is a sculpture in motion …

I am simpler, and stronger, and wiser than when
I was clothed in my old clumsy skin. Gone are the
nakedness and the burning despair. In me
abides a creamy peace …

The membrane has parted between me and mankind.
I exult in my freedom, my affection for self.
How dear are the people who toil alongside me!
How precious the people all over the world!

Chris Alba (c) 2009


Syd said...

Enjoy the redwoods. They are magnificent. Interesting poem.

big Jenn said...

I hope you post some pictures, enjoy your trip.jeNN

lakeviewer said...

Lucky you! The poem is a manifesto, a declaration of life lived in the fullest. Well done.

Karen said...

Chris, I love this! "The membrane has parted between me and mankind." What a wonderful way to describe your newness, shedding that clumsy old skin for the "stupendously strange" difference. Wonderful!

Dr.John said...

A poem that looks at your new way of seeing life.
Well done.

enchantedoak said...

I am now making stew for the campout (It is an AA gathering and we feed many). It's always fun to read the writer's notes to your comments, so I'm going to do that today:
Syd: Thanks for the good wishes. Imagine the interesting poem I may write about returning home as a redwood tree.
Jenn: I don't have a picture phone. But I do have a digital and I promise a picture of the redwoods when I come back.
lakeviewer: I love that word "manifesto"! But seen through your eyes, I see that it is. It's always asked for when I do a featured reading. I thought it was because the poem is strange; maybe instead they like the manifesto of change?
Karen: Your comments are always kind and touching. I love that line too, about the membrane. That's my insanity leaving....
Dr. John: Your "well done" is worth heaps to me.

Tall Kay said...

I just love the thought of walking around in nuthin but peanut butter! Seems like such a naughty thing to do! teehee

enchantedoak said...

Except for the oats, you could look like a statue of, heck, Venus!

Steve E. said...

I wondered if that meteorite story yesterday had an affect on you--some kind of peanut butter syndrome???

Have a great time with that
"panting" husband!

Shadow said...

peanut butter and oats! what a delight. 'exult in your freedom', you deserve it!

Lou said...

A buttery pelt..what a visual!

It has been many years since I have seen the mighty redwoods of California. They are truly a national treasure. Have fun and enjoy the fresh air.

enchantedoak said...

My buttery pelt should keep me warm unless they strip me dry making peanut butter sandwiches...