Thursday, June 9, 2011

After You Left

After You Left

My dog whines for you
After you have driven away
In a fit of rage
I hit him on the head with a book
And insanely yell
I walk away with the sound
Of the collision
Roaring in my ears
I shoot the dog a look
Feeling mean
He ducks his head
His brown eyes go dark with something
I don’t want to know
But I do



TechnoBabe said...

Heavy stuff here. Just think of how many people are yelled at like this and duck their heads like the dog in this post. This is one of my favorites on your blog so far.

Akannie said...

Beautifully human....

Brian Miller said...

mmm...yeah and those feelings suck...but i think we can all find ourselves there...

Grace-WorkinProgress said...

A lot can be said with a look, even from a dog.

Magpie said...

Have felt the same way myself a time or two...not sure I hit the dog though. :)

Steve E said...

Yes, in the past I just believed animals were for photos, eating and for tossing peanuts to in the zoo.

Now I am CONVINCED they know so much more--and have feelings, and have much higher sense for that stuff than us human bee-inns.

(Hey, this really was not about your dog, right?--grin!)

PEACE, Chris
Love your header...when you tire of it, send me the URL...I'd LOVE to use it next! Seriously!

the walking man said...

Hope you use a paperback, can't have a dog always with it's tail tucked tween its legs. Then it's just a food eater and poop producer.

Enchanted Oak said...

Not just a paperback, but a paperback poetry book, just so you know it was a skinny little thing.

Lou said...

Aww, this is touching. Any animal lover can relate to the guilt you feel when you take it out on the dog.

Thanks for your kind comments. A great thing about blogging is finding people who not only get it, but care.

izzy said...

I can be far too stern with my dogs sometimes- thanks for sharing.

Syd said...

Dogs don't really deserve us. They give such unconditional love.

the walking man said...

Ha ha ha ha that will teach the pooch, never mess with a poet, we fire more than words!