Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Diamond-Seeking Cat Updated

The fickle sun popped out of the clouds for minute, so here's a look at the ice. Thank you, Pouncer.
This is Pouncer. He’s a diamond-seeking cat. I would show you all the diamonds I found last weekend at my niece’s wonderful house except that it’s raining here, in my neck of the woods, so the light’s not good for a photo. But I’ll show you the cat at work.
Receives instructions from his mistress.
There are diamonds over here.
I saw some over there last week.
Follow me. More diamonds this way.
Wait. I’m lost.
Oh. There you are.
Here’s a nice little gem.
Mistress directs skip loader to load the goods.

Enough of this. It’s time for a poem. Dana of The Bug’s Eye View calls for water, for swimming or something like it, for this week’s Poetry Jam session. I worked on something I started two years ago on the last day of a vacation at Club Med in Cancun. I like thinking about the Caribbean, so I offer this:

Moon Over Cancun

A silver road on black water
leads from our balcony to the white ball of moon
hovering over ghostly cruise ships that plow
to and fro on the horizon.

La luna de miel
said our guide in Tulum when I asked
What is the Spanish for honeymoon?
He gave me the literal moon of honey
and I savor it tonight
as the laughter of others
dialogues with palm trees
rattling their fronds in the warm breeze.
Northward the city is a necklace of lights
that launches diamonds into the sky
with the roar of jet engines
followed by the wink of stars.

You are el sol, the guide said to you,
and to me, You are la luna
two separate, who make One complete.
He cradled his hands on his chest
and sighed for us. We have been married so long
I had forgotten that.

Now I remember. We have spent days
in turquoise water
and our skin is still hot
with the equatorial sun.
We have been together so long we don’t care
if we touch. Longevity has freed us
from the lies we once told as lovers
to inflate our value—You’re the first…
the only one…Before you I never

We have spent days on the white sand
passing shells between our toes
and we have not told
one lie.

Today I set free the seashells
collected in these days on the beach,
released them to the waves grasping at the shore.
See them scurrying back to the sea, you said.
I remember now
in the light of the moon of honey,
the truth about you,
why I married you eons ago.
If I told you that I walked on water
you would say yes my big beautiful girl you


just jane said...

Wow, what a CAT! Those diamonds look cut and mounted, what a find! Good fun! Smiles, Jane

Brian Miller said...

this is so beautiful chris...and you blended together the moon the sun the honey and a whole lotta tender love...big smiles.

Steve E said...

Positively worth reading twice, and loving thrice! And OH! That 'moon of honey'...

...and I can see that cat finding a pile of diamonds, then "getting lost". You'd never see him again, unless you traveled to that beach in Cancun. That's where he fled to enjoy the eight lives left! (Guess you triggered my imagination a bit?)

Rachel Fox said...

A fine love poem - for a fine love.

the walking man said...

seeing as you know I have a well known allergy to love styling in poetry I wills say this much...nice boots. Those polka dots are real gems.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Beautiful! :) Thanks so much for this poetry you share!

Monkey Man said...

Cute cat story and wonderfully romantic poem.

Jessica Maybury said...

That's a really, really moving poem. And that's huge coming from me (I'm dead inside!). It kicked me in the chest. It holds many multifaceted truths. It just spoke to the way my own life is. I feel like I'm married, and my 'marriage' feels just like that!

The cat is cool too :D

Helen said...

Total honesty and dialogues with palm trees ... now that's my idea of perfection.

jabblog said...

I love the diamond-seeking cat - wonderful!
Isn't it strange - and sad somehow - that we forget, or take as immutable, the overwhelming love we first experience. It is also wonderful when we recapture that nerve-tingling feeling. I like your poem so much.

The Bug said...

I love this a whole lot. Love, the kind of love contained in old marriages, is just the best thing.

Lolamouse said...

I'm not one to like much love poetry, as most of it is saccharine and trite, but I must say that yours is absolutely unique and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's great to see a love poem that celebrates us old couples rather than those young whipper snappers who are always gushing over eachother! Well done!

Peter Goulding said...

You do love poetry so well, Chris and your images are sublime.

Bagman and Butler said...

Yes, the deeper love that grows. I will probably read this one to my wife even though she is not usually crazy about poetry.

Emerging Writer said...

That's lovely, Oak. a moon of honey. We need more of those

Laurie Kolp said...

I truly admire your strength and courage. To share your road to recovery with the world takes a lot of humility. I hope you don't mind if I add your blog to my link list. Let me know if you don't want me to.

Titus said...

Sorry, I'm laughing so much at

Mistress directs skip loader to load the goods.

that I can't look at the poem seriously right now.

Lou said...

The cat story was too clever! Love it:)

Syd said...

Nice cat and a great poem. I think that being together for so long is an awesome thing.

Titus said...

Outstanding poem. Intimate and personal, you achieve a glorious universality. And I loved the moon of honey.