Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cat Humor

I am simply blown away by how many little flying bugs are out tonight. When I came home from dinner with friends at twilight, a plague of no-see-ums was waiting at my house to assault me on the short walk to the front door. Their little bodies had weight, too, striking my face like tiny kamikazes.

Even my cat Kate was wondering the hell was flying around as she took her ease on the couch in my sunroom. Outside was abuzz.

Inside was abuzz.

What the heck was that?

I am grateful as all get-out that someone invented screens for windows. Otherwise, I would have to flee. 


Anonymous said...

Your cat is beautiful! Gorgeous color.

Lou said...

You're cat seems huge in comparison to our petite Manx (we love our little "Weeziegrrl").

Life would surely have less smiles without the animals!

Steve E said...

LOL! "Flee" the 'flea'?

And I learn from that cat (and mine)...if I just stay put, the dervishes will take care of the whirling of the world.

LOOK at it, undisturbed.

(SLAP! dammm so-see-ums!)

Brian Miller said...

ha. esp this year, it seems the gnats and skeeters had a rather wild winter there are so many little ones buzzing around

Shadow said...

what it is, is SUMMER!!!!!!

Titus said...

Ugh! We are prone to small clouds of flying things at dusk, and moths and Daddy-long-legs thereafter, but a couple of weeks back there were two giant things of the night by the back door that looked liked flying cockroaches to me. So noisy as well - as if a small helicoptor was approaching. They actually made me feel trepidatious.

Cool cat!

Linda said...

I hate bugs with all my heart and soul. I no longer go out in the evening without my toxic chemicals. I love nature, but here in Oklahoma across the street from a forest, I am the unwelcome one.
I love cats though--does that redeem me?

Magpie said...

I saw a glittering cloud of the tiny devils in the morning sunlight yesterday. I headed the other way.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

AHHHHRRRGGGG no-see-ums!

Kitty looks awfully comfy taking up residence on the arm of the couch! :)

Monkey Man said...

Sounds like an enjoy the day from behind the windows kind of day.

Syd said...

Cats are funny critters. Ours watch bird TV all day.