Sunday, January 3, 2010

Haiku in Winter

Fog makes ghosts of trees
Berries wave their scarlet fire
Please burn off the mist

Trembling leaf still clings
Baring all to winter’s wind
Strength in one last branch

Flowers bloom in frost
Narcissus greets the morning
Loves itself in sun

Platter full of leaf
Frozen in an icy pond
Troubles skate away

And finally, Monkey Man's Sunday 160 Challenge
(a tale in 160 characters)

Accidental Simultaneous Submission

We knelt down
at the same time
to pick up the cigarette
the other had dropped
and wished we had done something
differently for once


the walking man said...

I am of a mind to just stop thinking so there be no loose thoughts to drop.

RNSANE said...

All beautiful, Chris..160 characters,unbelievable!

Brian Miller said...

love the haiku...something i wish came easier for me. and heres to hoping troubles keep skating.

ah, your 160 is great as well. why is submission so hard? smiles.

Madison said...

The ghosts of trees photo is awesome and so is your Accidental Simultaneous Submission. You pulled the words together as an obvious writer.

Anonymous said...

All of your posting today is relaxing and makes me wonder.

Thanks, Secretia

Dave King said...

A very fine collection of haiku. The first one particularly I thought a real cracker.

The final verse was a winner, too. It couldn't quite steal the Haiku's thunder, but it had a pretty damn good try!

Prayer Girl said...

What a wonderful post. The pictures with their beautiful thoughts touched me.

I adore your 160. Maybe someday I'll try that as well.

Enjoy your day.


Karen said...

Lovely haiku (is that a plural, too?). I love the platter full of leaf. I don't know how you can do these 150s and 160s, but you do them extremely well!

Shadow said...

you are on a roll of winter's delights...

Kim A. said...

Absolutely perfect for my Sunday morning quiet time. You are a gem!


lakeviewer said...

Lots to enjoy here. Happy New Starts.

Dianne said...

Wow! Terrific Haiku! Dynamic and powerful and very sparse wording, you whipped them out!
Have a happy new day.

Monkey Man said...

photography, haiku and 160 all rolled into one great post. You amaze.

Lou said...

The 160 was delicious, as well as the beautiful photos.

Beth said...

Oh, you have a gift with words! First, your haiku poetry is outstanding. And your 160 challenge was so thought provoking!

I'll be back more more. I like your site!

Beth said...

Oh, and your photography is amazing!

evalinn said...

Really nice, I´ll come back and read more! :-)

Syd said...

Great photos. I like the one with the leaves in the bird bath especially.

Tall Kay said...

What great photos! I like the haiku too (what makes it a haiku?)

I tried once to do a 160, and it's much harder than you make it look :o) Great pondering thoughts!