Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sex and the Chimichanga

Mr. Cha-Cha’s Chimichangas
I would gladly pay my wages
from the car wash for a week or two
just one more crunchy bite
of Mr. Cha-Cha’s chimichangas
the way he used to make them
down at Venice Beach on Sundays
Even if Anton said they caused the runs
and Pancho claimed he was a perv
Mr. Cha-Cha’s chimichangas
made those Sundays sweeter
than any slammed ’57 Chevy I ever washed

While we stood around his stand
waiting for the hot fat to fry a fresh batch
babes like madonnas in bikinis skated by
skin so smooth you could almost taste it
And we all wanted to taste it
but nobody knew how to get it
except the old man, who would pick
a chick coming at us, her color
no object, and he would give her
that little cha-cha-cha

With that shit-eating smile
and his apron never washed
smeared with chimichanga guts
Mr. Cha-Cha could stop a girl
in her tracks and he’d beg her to try
one of his humble chimichangas
and to tell him what she thought
because those simple boys
were useless, they were so hungry
they would eat dirt and here he winked
at Anton, or Pancho, or me

Whether she fell for him or not
when she skated off and vanished
Mr. Cha-Cha would mutter at us
I gotta do all your work for you
you big bad hefe scaredy cats you
and he’d hand around the fresh hot
chimichangas that burned our tongues

Those afternoons on Venice Beach
were so fine they made your skin shake
Instead of hot female flesh
we plowed into those chimichangas
and they tasted like the sun
baking the beach and sweat
and saucy roller-skating babes


the walking man said...

I like this narrative style Just Chris...the story flows very well and is funny in the imagery imparted.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I'm hungry, very hungry now!

RNSANE said...

This is a wonderfully expressive, descriptive free verse. I can see it all now, Venice Beach, roller blades, sand, and taste those high calorie chimchangas - but then those sexy teens, with the slim bodies, didn't worry about that sort of thing!

Brian Miller said...

i totally want to hear this one read...great story, great flow...and i too am now hungry. smiles.

Monkey Man said...

What versatility! I'm am falling right in line with Walking Man on this one. Great flow and fantastic imagery.

Julie said...

Oh, yeah! This is just what I needed to read today. I was feeling sort of mopey, and you picked me right up. I love the playfulness and the humor. I laughed out loud at what Anton and Pancho say in the first stanza. Wonderful rhythm, and it's so much fun to read. I'll bookmark this one for sure!

Karen said...

I love the voice in this and the point of view. This is fun and funny and delightful! Bravo!

big Jenn said...

Your poetry takes me to the sunny place in your memory. jeNN

Shadow said...

what a delightful poem. took me right there to venice beach... the way it looks in my imagination, drawn by your colourful words, that is...

Madison said...

The writing style fits Venice. I miss southern ca, all those little places where you can buy real mexican food. The best burritos in the world used to be in Bishop, just south of Mammoth. Oh well, you took me down memory lane. Love the style of writing in this post.

Scott said...

lol I am there :-) thank you for the brief "vacation" this morning

Anonymous said...

You hooked me at Venice beach and "hot fat to fry a fresh batch." That's a line you just don't hear every day.


Anonymous said...

That was enchantingly fun to read about!


Kim A. said...

Wonderful! Makes my drive-thru trips to Taco Bell seem a bit bland. Great imagery. I'm hungry now.


Syd said...

Nice, Chris. This makes me remember those college days.

Poetikat said...

Chris, here is a word I rarely use, but no other will do: AWESOME!!!

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!

G-Man said...

Mui Bueno!!

I got my eye on YOU!!!!!

Tall Kay said...

What a fun depiction of such a wild and crazy place...Venice Beach. These could be the words to a song...cha..cha..chimis!