Monday, January 11, 2010

To Know Peace

It is to walk the dog in the morning silence
on the first day of a new year
when diamonds sparkle on the lawns
as we pass by, and I breathe out clouds
small but white with every exhalation.

Overhead jetliners quietly draw
white lines on blue canvas sky
and the air up there is so still
the crosshatched trails linger
in the passage of the silver jets.

The soft winter morning sun
bathes my upturned face
as I trail the dog whose downturned nose
draws wet lines on the sidewalk
on his jaunt to check what has passed
in the night while he slept.

The crow caws, the robin tweets,
the little finches peep peep peep
as the dog canters beneath the trees
bare of leaves but ripe with berries
and I see the birds, salute them, listening
to their morning quest.

You kissed me this morning very early
when you left, the dog and I
curled in bed before the sunrise
and I heard you say I love you
as you moved away. It is always
so, loving, leaving, coming home.
The leashes are invisible, but resolute.


Madison said...

You slow me down with your beautiful words - to see things that ususally rush by.

Dave King said...

Excellent. An enjoyable read.

Anonymous said...

Invisible leashes, they sure do exist, and we need the too!
Thanks this was easy to read, and nice.


Prayer Girl said...

This is so very beautiful. What a lovely opener of my day.


Woman in a Window said...

I feel this one, really enjoyed the correlations drawn, and am so pleased for your feeling of peace.


Shadow said...

another dreamy peaceful loving one... thank you.

Alan Burnett said...

Lovely poem. The line about the the downturned nose of the dog drawing wet lines on the sidewalk is memorable.

Dianne said...

Good morning, good walk, love you also!

Poetikat said...

Lovely and the last line ties it all up nicely.
It's the same here—me in the bed with one of the cats as Kevin goes off (although lately, I'm making the smoothies, so I have to get up).
Amazing how those words have so much power to make or break the day, don't they?

Brian Miller said...

lots of peace today chris...enjoyed the walk and the feelings of that leaving and rejoining. long day today so my reunion will be very late...

Kim A. said...

Your amazing gift of being able to put words together painted the most wonderful picture in my head and heart today. We are having a cold day with bright, Carolina blue skies. My husband tells me he loves me by bringing in firewood each morning, quietly, so he doesn't wake me or the dogs, and he gets the fire going so it is warm when I get up. I think we have us both some "keepers"!


Akannie said... resolute.

This was beautiful, just like you!

Thanks for being a part of my world, Chris. xoxoxoxox

Beth Niquette said...

The beauty of the photo is enough to take one's breath away.

And your poetry is divine.

Syd said...

I like this a lot. The last verse is wonderful. What a great testimony to love.

Larry said...

We both have keepers I know I have a keeper and by what I read of your poem today you have a keeper also. Hoping all is well with you and yours I'm sure it is.

big Jenn said...

Jay kisses my whole face every morning before he leaves for work. :)jeNN

the walking man said...

No leashes needed for the one who knows where home is eh?

Julie said...

Awesome. I love that last line, too. The images are beautiful.

JBR said...

Very powerful and beautiful. Picture ideal.

Birdie said...

wow, this is so beautiful Chris!! thank you for sharing :-)