Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey, My Face Just Folded!

I looked out my eyes at you
thinking my thoughts
when suddenly my face collapsed
and I couldn’t see you anymore.
I stopped thinking as my face
folded in upon itself
And all that was left
was my empty brain
looking in.
Sometimes when I look at my dog, I feel grateful for the simplicity of dogness. For Riley, there is joy, hunger, pleasure, curiosity, excitement, drowsiness, and complete one-ness with the body he inhabits. There are more thrilling dog lives than his, but he is at peace with what he has.
A friend trains dogs in agility courses, and they have a lot of fun. I wonder: Do dogs wish for more? I know there are dogs with complicated psyches. Would Riley be something other than what he is, if he had choices?
Humans have choices, and they wish for more. I want to feel satisfaction and contentment, like my dog seems to. Often, I do.
There's a certain edginess that I like, though. It makes me reach out to people, write poetry, investigate things to gain knowledge, keep working. Work is good. Striving is good.
It rained all day Sunday. I wanted to accomplish certain things. A few, I did. Mostly I investigated conditions in Haiti on the internet and left much undone here. My creditors probably wish I had spent more time writing checks, if they knew what I chose to do instead.
Chris is on the edge
Her soul needs to be restored
Five birds sing to her


Madison said...

Riley looks like he's a big time chiller without too much to say. I think I'd rather spend the day with you. It's the fact that you don't have Riley's satisfaction and contentment that makes you a great read.

Anonymous said...

Now there are Six Birds!
Soon to be many more.
Chris will be happy again.


Brian Miller said...

i hope those birds keep singing...

spent most of the weekend offline, restoring my soul as well.

the life of dogs...i dunno, i think those dogs with good owners have all they ever wanted. smiles.

cute pup.

RNSANE said...

Chris, I did not accomplish beans today, really. I spent nearly 15 hours sitting at this computer. I did put away the Christmas decorations that I had hauled upstairs ( I didn't even really decorate for the holidays but I took things up, planning to make the house merry, put up a few things, the figured since the boys wouldn't even be here, why bother! Of course, then it all needed to be put away!

I am not getting any exercise at all, for which I am getting a constant lecture from my youngest. I know I'm depressed about not working but he is right, to some extent. I should do some constructive things!!1

If I don't get out to hear music, I'm housebound!!! Not at all like the Carmen of yore!

Scott said...

I pray that she might be restored...

I love dogs

Just Be Real said...

'Sometimes when I look at my dog, I feel grateful for the simplicity of dogness.' Love this quote EO! Blessings.

Berowne said...

"...Keep working. Work is good."

It was Robert Benchley -- does anyone remember Robert Benchley, I wonder? -- who wrote: "You can do any type of work, and any amount of work, as long as it's not the work you're supposed to be doing."

the walking man said...

And when your eyes have turned inward do they espy the life that others see in your collapsed face?

Dianne said...

Good Morning Friend

Abundance is a great gift, and the edge of wanting more is a sharp one.

I don't think I could be a Buddist, and believe suffering is eliminated by the absence of desire. But I do feel the suffering I cannot let go of. I will be working on a post along these lines this week, not ready yet.

Sometimes a better place is just a bun dance away....

Your Dear One,

Kim A. said...

Riley is awesome! We have 5 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats. I look at them, like you did, and just marvel at their ability to be *here* *now*. I also need goals, wishes, dreams, and structure to be content. I think I would make a good herd dog. :-D


Gabriella Moonlight said...

This bird way out here sings to you too!!!

I wonder about my dogs too, are they content, satisfied, have I given them the lives they crave? I hope so, and I know they feel my love as I do their love.


Tall Kay said...

I have often wondered...If resentment and fear are what block us from the Sunlight of the Spirit, and dogs never have resentment or fear, do they have a channel that is open to God all the time? Maybe that's why they're always so full of love and joy!

Sending you loving sunshine amidst the rain down here too!

Lou said...

This is so cute! There are certainly days when I wished I was my cat.

Syd said...

We had one of the dogs with us this weekend. She is a great boat dog. Right now she is asleep in the cabin dreaming perhaps.

Monkey Man said...

Dogs are nothing more than the perfect example of living in the moment. I love that about them.

Prayer Girl said...

An "empty brain looking in" - that can be a good thing when my brain is in overdrive. It's not such a good thing when I think of the toll Alzheimer's took on my mother's brain.

Wow, I'm way too serious. :)


~ Tabitha ~ said...

I'm sitting right beside you on the edge...the view ain't so bad..

Shadow said...

what a beautiful post this is!!! and if i think of my pups, and how they always rouse themselves from whatever they're doing, to follow me from room to room, inside, outdoors, or just lying at my feet while i'm at the computer... aren't they just the most selfless beings... no wonder i love them so much.

Woman in a Window said...

Words are tricky things, all those words before about dog and choice and life and then three short lines sock it home,
Chris is on the edge
Her soul needs to be restored
Five birds sing to her.
I love that.

Poetikat said...

Every so often we have the chronic epiphany about the cats: "We have four living, breathing animals in our midst!" Every once in a while it just kind of hits you, doesn't it?

Birdie said...

Somebody ones said that an intelligent person can always pretend that she/he is stupid while the opposite is not possible. I feel this way about dogs, in a way. Sometimes they look like they 'don't know' but I believe they know even more then we would dare to think ... They are true Budhas - full of compassion and unconditional love :-) great post! hugs!