Friday, April 30, 2010

In the Forest Primeval

In the green light of the forest
you heave the ax over your head
and swing it down to bite the log
with a solid whack!
I ready the stove, the cast-iron pans,
doing the womanly thing
watching you crack the logs,
and in this forest primeval
it all feels so perfectly right
right now.


This is a Friday Flash 55, a tale told in exactly 55 words. It’s hosted by the G-Man, Mr. Knowitall, and you’ll find dozens of storytellers on his blog today.


Sh@KiR@ CK said...

so peaceful and nice.
thank you so much for sharing..

anthonynorth said...

Great imagery in this. Nicely done.

Alan Burnett said...

Again and again, you and your fellow 55'ers demonstrate that so much can be said in so few words.

Brian Miller said...

actually it sounds rather amazing...primeval forest and all...nice 55.

mine is up.

John's comments said...

Me Tarzan, You Jane. He loved the wild man weekends. Gone for a poem this week based on the Etheree form created about twenty years ago by an Arkansas poet named Etheree Taylor Armstrong It normally consists of ten lines of unmetered and unrhymed verse, the first line having one syllable, each succeeding line adding a syllable. I added an extra row for the word count and the punch line. See what I mean here.

Mrsupole said...

I would probably be out there trying to help crack the logs. I would prefer doing that instead of the cooking, although I do like to cook but I am not sure I would like to do it on a wood burning stove.

Great 55 and it seems perfectly right for some.

God bless.

Syd said...

I love the photo! Being out in the forest is a wonderful thing. Every morning I look out on the acres of forest here and feel surrounded by the breath of the trees.

John's comments said...

oops wrong link posted See what I mean here.

S.L. Corsua said...

Ah, the simple life. :) Less complexities means more space for contentment to grow. And with nature as the setting, well, it's balm to the city-folk's maladies.

Thank you for sharing. Cheers.

Hootin' Anni said...

To survive we must do what we must do. Vivid conception in this 55.

Mine this week is DOUBLE STANDARD As always, scroll down a bit, below my Friday's Show n Tell.

Have a super weekend fellow 55'r!!

Paul C said...

You capture so well the perfect feeling of camping.

Magpie said...

"it all feels so perfectly right
right now." Yes, but change was on the way...beautiful.

Akelamalu said...

I could almost smell the greenery - great imagery!

Thanks for stopping by to read my 55 and taking the time to comment. :)

TechnoBabe said...

Nice 55. Each doing what it takes to accomplish something together. Nice way to describe a forest setting.

clean and crazy said...

this takes me to another dimension. great 55

G-Man said...

I don't think that you are refering to camping necessarily.
This could be any scenario in the last 400 years!
Either way...Excellent 55 Chris!
Thank you so much for visiting and playing.
Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

Alice Audrey said...

It's a good feeling to have. For a while.

The trick is to be able to enjoy it without being so destructive that there is no forest left when it ends.

Monkey Man said...

I can smell the campfire and feel the crisp cool air. Great 55 - as usual.

steveroni said...

Chris, when I read a comment like you left me...well, it is then that I realize WHY i could not stay away from blogland. Thanks--Sooo much!

And I LOVED your idyllic scene in paradise of woods primeval...but where is the computer--grin! No wonder he (I always put "me" in these situations) is chopping those logs--OMG! The frustration of no blogs to read...and I DO know about that!!!

If only for a few days--really hooked! Oh well...

RNSANE said...

Getting back to basics! I love this 55, Chris. So what kind of womanly thing are you cooking up thee in Templeton?

Dulce said...

Beautiful country life... as an old memory... or is it today'

great 55!

sarah said...

a great 55.

Prayer Girl said...


Great minds think alike?

Loved your 55.


Dianne said...

I kept thinking and re-reading, did Whack rhyme just then? I swore I heard it in there, an erie feeling, but it belongs there as an anchor....HAKAWE!

SandyCarlson said...

Sweet, beautiful, and wonderful!

PattiKen said...

Sounds like a simpler time. Very nice.

Larry said...

I heard the twigs cracking as the logger made his way to the other side of the log to start whacking away. Neighboring pines and cedars show the primative growth of moss growing over the bark.

Thanks for stopping by this morning chris I loved your 55 have a great weekend.

Leslie said...

Everything is perfect - down to the foresty fragrance

thanks for that 55

mine is at