Thursday, November 4, 2010

Love in the Sand

The Theme Thursday prompt today is two cupped hands holding a heart-shaped handful of sand. I'm having one of those days (and one of those nights) when I want to say something, communicate, whatever, but words fail me. So I'll say something about love and sand. More skillful interpretations of the theme will be found on the Theme Thursday blog.

Love on the Shore

We wandered through the garden of the seashore
through the long brown ribbons of kelp
the seaweed strands like purple spaghetti
the seaweed fans like white bones
the stones cast like confetti on the sand.

The tide ebbed and the surf supped on the land.
The lowering sun spilled a broad silver stain
on the surface of the sea so bright our eyes
could not bear it. We walked the wide brown
pathway of hard sand, following the footsteps

of someone who had gone before us down this
deserted, rocky stretch of coast. A woman
I said, in shoes with pointed toes and stacked heels.
No, you said, a cowboy with small feet in boots
and a long, cowboy stride. They vanished round

a bend guarded, like Scylla and Charybdis,
by giant boulders carved of sand turned to stone
by the millennia. There we came upon a dead
body, a seal carcass hidden among the kelp,
with vultures dining sedately like red-faced guests

around a table. It seemed as much a part
of the haven of the shore as driftwood and
shells, travelers all from some other port and
long dead, caressed by the sea and tossed up
as treasures on the sand for visitors like us to find.

We held hands and wandered on. I carved
I love you at the edge of ebbing waves, sure
that it would last until the tide turns and
erases the garden to begin all over again.
My love for you is not a stranger to the tides.

We climbed the bluffs and stood looking out to
sea like garden angels watching over our little
bit of heaven. We joined the other vanished ones,
leaving only footprints on the sand, and proof
that I love you until the tide turns.


Shadow said...

what a wonderful outing you've taken me on...

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

Words fail you? This is a stunning poem, one of the most memorable beachside walks I have ever taken. Right now I am sure that you have just written this poem, you and your tides into every stroll I will ever take at the water's edge. Absolutely beautiful.

Dianne said...

a rare love poem, and a true one.

The Bug said...

My love for you is not a stranger to the tides...

Love is definitely tidal. I'd say you succeeded in communicating today!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and very romantic.

TechnoBabe said...

Very nicely done. Sweet and loving.
What a great walk along the beach.

G.K. Asante said...

Excellent imagery!

willow said...

Beautiful, evocative piece. Love the cowboyish stride here. Nice ramble on the beach.

Myrna R. said...

This is a lovely poem. I wish I had nights and days like that - wanting to communicate something and then being able to write something so picturesque.

Kim A. said...

"proof that I love you until the tide turns"

It seems like you found the words.


Magpie said...

Such a beautiful piece...
"My love for you is not a stranger to the tides." - wonderful line. I just keep adding layers and nuances to what it says to me.

e said...


This is wonderful. If this is an example of words failing you, you are fortunate indeed.

Titus said...

There is a compelling blend of depth and ease in this which is just wonderful, and that's the second time I've said that tonight (Karen, at Keeping Secrets).
Great writing.

And I love the driftlog and chrysanthemum too.

a noiseless patient spider said...

wow. this is a feast of wonderful images and experience. thank you for the share of details.

izzy said...

Lovely piece! anything water, tidal...

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem and beautiful sentiments about love. Words have not failed you today, you always find such a lovely way to communicate and commune with others. Thanks for sharing. - G

Carrie Burtt said...

This is truly lovely....:-)

Marla said...

I absolutely love this! It makes me think of all the times I took that walk with someone. Along Cayucos and Moonstone and round Morro Rock as far as legally allowed. Ok, sometimes farther. Thanks for the trip home.

Syd said...

I love the sea and the beach so much. What a dream it is--I hate to leave it.