Monday, November 23, 2009

Contrails of Love


You shoot across the blue sky like an arrow
with a shining point, oblivious to me,
yet I know we exist together in this plane.
You know only your cocktail, your thoughts,
the surface of the world.

I am familiar with the feeling of distance between us:
I’ve seen you before like this,
taking flight and vanishing.
All this evidence of your passage
makes me feel wanton,
as if I should hurl myself after you—
arms outstretched to bridge this great gulf
between us.

We get a lot of contrails in the sky overhead where we live. One day I was pedaling my stationary bike and watching a jet shoot across the sky, and I realized there were people up there with no idea I was down below, pedaling my bike. I turned it into a love poem because I like poems about conflicts between people.

After a couple of days of serious thought, I wanted to get into fantasy and silliness. I’m making up my Thanksgiving shopping list and smiling over the small gathering that will come to my home for the turkey dinner. I usually feel lonely at Thanksgiving since my sister-in-law died, she who was my partner in cooking. But this year I am stretching out my wings to fly ( pardon the bad turkey pun).

So happy days preceding the great day of Thanksgiving to you all, and next time you see a contrail, reach out your arms to embrace the poor oblivious people aboard, traveling to God knows where.
Cheers, Chris

The photos are not by me but by Wickipedia and Vormedia.


Scott said...

I have done that before, thought about who's on that plane...

Thanks for the comments on my blog :-)

Just Be Real said...

Contrails is one word I do not use a lot!

Great anaology Enchantedoak! Silliness. I will be right there with you in the midst of it. Enjoy. Will reach out to that contrail! Blessings....

Madison said...

The poor oblivious people aboard packed like sardines in a tin can without enough room to even stretch, sitting in a germ-filled, smelly spot...oh, sorry, I'm remembering my last flight. Nice post.

Shadow said...

next time is see a contrail in the sky, i'll think of you.

the walking man said... you really mean that by a lover taking flight it makes you feel wanton? If so baby I gots to go! *wink wink*

1. One who is immoral, lewd, or licentious.

big Jenn said...

I just love the way you think! ( maybe that's not such a good
I'm so glad to read you every day, really. jeNN

enchantedoak said...

I love reading comments! I like the way you think too, JeNN. And Madison, you crack me up. And Scott, Shadow, and JBR, soul brother and soul sisters, thanks for taking the ride with me.
And YOU, Walking Man, are a hoot. Yes, when a lover walks away so spectacularly, I do feel wanton, n., lewd, immoral, lascivious! I want to chase after him and hurl myself into his arms and beg him to stay, baby, stay!

Dianne said...

good analogy
I am so running out of time for writing,
but it keeps me sane. I will do the KCBX recording this weekend

Watch Babette's Feast, foriegn film

Nessa said...

I like your poem. It is always fun to wonder.

Thanksgiving MeMe

Mama Zen said...

Lovely poem!

Lou said...

I think about the people overhead in the airplane too! Love the "stange" connections we find with eath other on the blogs.

Brian Miller said...

too cool. i have looked down from above before too and wondered at the lives i was flying over. wonderful verse and i really like that last pic! i hope you have a great holiday! smiles.

Tall Kay said...

I love the way you think too! I always think of all those people on the airplane looking out when I see contrails in the sky. Good luck with all the holiday preparations...hope you got the pumpkin pie stuff early...they say there is a shortage this year :o(
Have a great day!

Monkey Man said...

I have shared that thought many times - who is on that plane and where are they going? It was eerie after 9/11 when no flights took place. Never thought I would miss the sight of planes overhead.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I have often looked up at planes and wondered where they are going or have been, I live close to our airport so see them often above me.

I love this poem and I love the manner in which you convey what you think and are a kindred spirit indeed.

Gabi xo

Syd said...

I just hope that they get safely to their destination. Great poem Chris.

Beth Niquette said...

Just lovely. I enjoyed this post...recently I took some photos of jets and trails--the clouds nearby looked like dragons interested in having a little lunch! (Grin)

Dave King said...

I didn't even know what a contrail is! Learn something every day! Thanks.

the walking man said...

just checking...because wanton abandon is a good thing in the cause of self liberation.

enchantedoak said...

Walking Man, can't you see me arms outstretched like Superman's hurling myself after that plane where my lover sits with his drink, thinking of nothing but the destination ahead?
And everybody else, I'm stoked to find I'm not the only one who looks up and wonders about those aboard, and where they're going. Like Lou says, we find strange connections with each other on these blogs,.

Anonymous said...

I used to love to sit behind my brother's place, near the airport, and watch the sky as several lines zigzagged their way across the blue horizons.

Love your post today, as always. Love you, Chris!