Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Praying Mantis, Yellow Rose

November Roses
Dedicated to Rosaria (lakeviewer at sixtyfivewhatnow)

November roses
summer warmth easing
through their veins
raise their new growth
where the setting sun
and rising moon
bookend the day.

Blood red
butter yellow
petals unfurling
like fingers on a fist
lifted skyward

Big as a hand
roses rise
in the warm sun
November frost
long forgotten
in the headlong
rush to beauty

If you were able to look closely at the bottom of the rose, you would see a female praying mantis who is ready to mate and leave her eggs on the roses. I'll have to be careful with this rose when I prune them back this winter, keeping my eyes sharp for that egg sac so I don't prune it and send it to the green waste. Oh, inconvenient little critter! Wish you were living in the lilac. But thanks for the visit anyway!


Steve E. said...

Few minuites ago I posted a list in which nature has become one of my "Gratitudes"..so I can now SO identify with your lovely poem AND your paragraph.

All is as it should be!

lakeviewer said...

See what happens when we get lost in observing beauty? Poetry grows and spreads through our vein. I love that image you invented!

Tall Kay said...

With my "not so good" eyesight, I would have missed that little guy all together. I loved the poem, as it describes the roses I still have blooming so well! Maybe I need to wear my glasses and pay closer attention before pruning?

big Jenn said...

Alas, no November roses in upstate NY. I guess I'll have to enjoy yours!(and your praying mantis!) Lovely, thank you. jeNN

Brian Miller said...

like fingers on a fist
lifted skyward...

such beautiful lines. awake sweet roses.

Monkey Man said...

Your post title made me look for the she devil. Love the poem. Our new home has roses. I have been without for almost 3 years and miss them.

Dulce said...

Oh those Autumn roses full of life and hope.
Awesome poem!

enchantedoak said...

I went out to the roses later in the morning with the camera, thinking I'd try to get a better picture of the mantis. She was gone! What's awesome to me is that she was there early this morning for the instant that I took the photo, like a little friend saying good morning, before hightailing it hopefully to the lilacs.

Susan said...


Poetic Shutterbug said...

This is the exact meaning of "stop and smell the roses" great poetic form and the photo is exquisite.

Karen said...

Roses in November - what a gift! Here, we had rain on Saturday and showers of bright orange, gold, and red leaves all weekend long.

I hope your mantis eggs survive the winter.

the walking man said...

now that there is awareness of a heretofore unknown circumstance it is simply one more consideration when making the final decision as to your course of action. Wisdom after all Chris, is the application of knowledge.

Lou said...

I would have never seen it, but you have having learned to see the beauty and awe all around us.

Just Be Real said...

Oh yes, I do see the PM. Beautiful that you were able to get that shot. Blessings dear one. Thank you.

Shadow said...

roses receeding, yet still so full of beauty!

DreamDancer said...

How beautiful.. and compassionate. I love the poem!