Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ode to a Banana

Ode to a Banana

Oh, dear banana, my lovely fruit
you’re portable and mightily neat
all dressed up in your yellow suit
ready for peeling, ready to eat
not sour or sticky, but politely sweet.

I like you all yellow, not a bit brown
not mushy but rather firm to the taste
Of all the fruits you take the crown
Except for the peel, nothing is waste
For bread I can whip you into a paste

A package to eat when time’s of the essence
No smudging on fingers, no gooey juice
I especially like your yellow tumescence
The aroma of banana is sweetly profuse
A sexual structure if one were so loose.

My dearest banana, my lovely fruit
all dressed up in your yellow suit
with one in my pocket I have some loot
and breakfast or lunch or a snack to boot.

Happy Wednesday from Chris


Poetikat said...

Love this, especially the tumescence and sexual structure lines. Really great! (Makes me want to root throught the fridge and see who deserves a tribute.


Brian Miller said...

love it. when we lived in florida we had a banana tree in the backyard...the taste is that much better...

big Jenn said...

I chuckled at this one. Really great, love it. jeNN

Susan said...

Love it! Wish I was poetic enough to write an "Ode" to my pineapple obsession. *grins*
Love your creativity.

Nessa said...

Very funny, like a banana peel waiting on the ground.

Wordless Wednesday

sarah said...

this is too fun. I opened your site to find this beautiful picture and laughed when I read the great poem about the banana. From a banana lover...Sarah

Tall Kay said...

I got a giggle out of this one too! I have a banana every morning and it's my favorite fruit loot!

Thanks again for the lovely award. It's fun to see my name on someone else's blog! Makes me feel special.

Shadow said...

mmmmm, yummy bananas, one of my favourite fruits.

the walking man said...

even if one were to choose to be so loose as to use a banana for other than the purpose intended one that rhythm begun was done, the clothes of it can be shed and then it becomes again food for the head.

Such an Plantains count?

Scott said...

I LOVE nanners! yay!

Syd said...

Bananas and peanut butter are my favorites.

Julie said...

This is so much fun. Stanza three gave me a whole different visual of the banana, but then again, I'm a little twisted...ha! ha! Thanks for a good one. I enjoyed it very much.

DreamDancer said...

I love bananas nearly any way they come... ice cream, cake, pudding- even banana sandwiches, heehee. Love the poem!

swapna said...

Stanza two is the wayq i like it too. All time fav fruit, imagine a split banana with a scoop of plain vanilla! Heaven. Lovely ode.