Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Sky

All milk and smoke, the winter sky arcs overhead
rimmed by bare branches of trees

Lie down beneath it
like a hard brown chrysalis
on the dry ground

and look up
Stare at the pearly white eyeball staring back at you
with its branching network of nerves
through which the vision of yourself travels
to the unfathomable resting mind behind the eye

Marvel that you ever bother to cry out
to the God who turns this eye on his creation
and feel the chill of it all
in the tiny chrysalis that is you

I can't leave it like this.
There's a saying that if God seems far away, who moved?
I have done my share of moving away. Returning. That waltz.
I'm in a clinch now. Hugging my Higher Power close. All is well so long as I stay here.
When I saw the date of this post, 12/12, I thought of what has saved my life. Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions. This is the day of an AA open house in our home. I'll be stepping into a hostess role from morning till night falls.
It's been a maniac week with magazine deadlines and prep on the house. But today, when the people come, and I watch them drink my coffee, eat our hams and desserts, I'll feel so much a part of, no longer apart from.
Can I get an Amen, somebody?


Madison said...

It's beautiful to read about a changed life and evidence that God is loving. Amen.

RNSANE said...

Amen and blessings to you for all you've accomplished! Your poem was beautiful. I am so glad you are a part of now and not apart from!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Karen said...

Have a wonderful, blessed day! (Sorry I haven't been around much - work and family and Christmas!) Oh, and by the way, Amen, Amen, again I say, "Amen"!

the walking man said...


But then I find that no matter where the hell I move, as long as God knows my intent is not to move away from his heart then he moves with me. He rolls like that.

Oh yeah by the by eat me some cookies will ya Just Chris?

Just Be Real said...

There's a saying that if God seems far away, who moved?

Potent! Thanks.

Nessa said...


We are always the ones who move away from God. Good reminder. Enjoy your party.

Six Random Words

Anonymous said...

Amen, Chris!!! May your party go smooth and have fun! Beautiful poem by the way... refreshing. Thank you :)

Hugs and Good Luck!

big Jenn said...

hope you have a wonderful day.jeNN

Brian Miller said...


looking deep into that eye ball today, and huggin close. thanks for the warm thoughts for my mom. smiles.

lakeviewer said...

Keep the circle of friends close, and God closer. We can't have too many friends, or too many blessings.

Happy Holidays.

Syd said...

Nice Chris that you are doing this. It will be a great way to share the spirit and trueeaning of Christmas

Tall Kay said...

Amen Sister! I sooo wish I was there to drink your coffee and eat your desserts.

Oh yeah, in 2 weeks I WILL be there! Save me some, okay?

Glynis said...

You have come a long way. Enjoy your day as hostess and festive greetings to you and yours.

Hope said...


Mike Golch said...

I came for a visit from Scott F's blog I liked what i see here and will be visitng with you a lot.

Steve E said...

Thanks for the nice poem. That "Eye in the Sky"...always there.

AMEN to that, and more....