Thursday, December 24, 2009

What I Love About Furry Legs

The view from my office on Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

We lie abed with the old dogs and listen to the wind

the children are all grown and have flown with the wind

the window is a collage of leaves washed by the rain

these are the gifts of the Magi: the scent of old dogs

the wealth of the years and the preservation of love

We lie abed with wrinkles and our sagging skin

our love windblown by the turbulence of years

imperfect and well worn The smell of it is beautiful

and your legs are soft as fur where they mingle

with mine and I pet them with my foot

as I consider rising up and bowing down

with this great gift extended to the king transformed

as we are by the hand of God

We start off Christmas Eve with a 7 a.m. meeting. There's so much gratitude among the sober alcoholics there, even if they don't have family here, or the family is estranged, or even if they're broke, even if they're homeless. The great gift of recovering from seemingly hopeless state of mind and body is all they care about. The clubhouse in town will have marathon meetings beginning at five p.m. and it will be a safe haven for all who come.

Then we go to work, cleaning the house, dropping off or picking up last-minute thingies, getting dinner organized for our 4 p.m. traditional family supper at our house. That's another great gift. We have shelter and family and food, and many people aren't blessed with such things.

We go to church at 7 to sing the old hymns and savor the atmosphere of our church in full joyous bloom. I know I'll be singing "Angels We Have Heard on High" at some point in the evening. Back home to tidy up and stuff stockings for Christmas morning.

We are alone here on Christmas Eve night, and we wake up on Christmas just the two of us in the house. My daughter will come with a couple of others for the unwrapping of presents, of which there are a few, more than anyone needs, but it's still fun to rip the paper and find the little treasures.

God bless us, everyone, especially those who work through the night in service to others. Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!


Shadow said...

aren't our furry friends just a blessing indeed. total unconditional love... beautiful chris. and a merry christmas to you and your family!

RNSANE said...

Sounds wonderful...a good way to spend the last two days of Christmas!
Have a special time with your family and friends.

Just Be Real said...

Awwww, thank you for sharing dear one. Blessings to you and yours on this special day!

Brian Miller said...


i hope your christmas is amazing...enjoy all th elittle treasures, wrapped and otherwise...i will one day live that verse...until then i imagine thy will start asking to get up around 3 am...

Steve E said...

I'm about to leave, and begin my Christmas Eve with a 7 AM meeting.

And like your day is mine to be.

It will end with a rather large mass at St Ann, where I can enjoy God, in all the Peeps, and I get to sing in the choir, and play the violin during special moments.

Oh, Heavenly day, for us both, and for all bloggers, all people.
God bless us, everyone!

Dianne said...

Hey, first comment, this is what cleaning does to me. Nightmares that wake me about broken-down houses and posessed recurring lurking mansions.
Love to you on these holiday days.

the walking man said...

I am well pleased to be older, sagging, furry and not so wrapped up in the holidays that they are not holidays any more. It is better to be mellower and simpler.

Be Well Just Chris and enjoy all the days ahead bring to you.

BlueJayEye said...

Beautiful words. Enjoyed my first visit to your blog. Happy Holidays!

big Jenn said...

My dogs head is in my hand as I read your post. She's so precious to me. I am filled with gratitude, taking stock of the wonderful people in my life today, which includes you! Have a wonderful peace filled day my friend.jeNN

Lou said...

Your poem captured the comfort of a mature love perfectly.

How blessed we are, we have all we need. Soak up the joy of being sober, and being present for those that love you so much.

Merry Christmas, Chris!

Syd said...

Beautiful sentiments in that poem. I like for our legs and feet to mingle. And the Christmas Eve sounds so special. Enjoy all of it and breathe it in like life itself.

Fireblossom said...

Your header is exceptionally beautiful and peaceful.

Merry Christmas.

Larry said...

Hope you have a Fantastic Christmas with your family and loved ones. Thanks for being you and being an internet friend who I enjoy talking to.

Memories Of Christmas

Anonymous said...

Lovely Christmas....have a great time Chris. Holidays are joyful...being with friends or seeking your beautiful self.

God Bless You all out there!

Woman in a Window said...

Happy Holidays. The best of everything for you and yours, even the furry ones.

Anonymous said...

I love your poem and the way you convey your traditions of Christmas. May you holiday season be filled with joy, the spirit, sobriety and fun. Tammy