Saturday, December 5, 2009

Loved Ones

My Husband in the Kitchen

The sight of your broad shoulders
as you whack the pink flesh of chicken
with a mallet is erogenous.
I want to run my hands over their strength
and with my fingers feel the flex of muscle
as you pound chicken into something
that soon will melt in my mouth.

From the other room sitting with my book
open on my lap I watch you move
from surface to surface in the kitchen
a big man in a small space
carefully preparing supper.

I am the space you occupy
as you control your beautiful solidity
and exert your will over flesh and flame.
It is me you grasp with your large hands
with your muscles


This is my most-requested poem when I'm doing a reading. People seem to like that whacking business. I certainly liked watching my husband do it.

Here are some other faces I love:

My daughter Milo

My niece Allison and Jacob

My daughter Annika

These are a few of the faces I love to look at. There are many more. I see beauty in their eyes. I feel love bloom in my heart. This is a very good life, to contain such fine cadre of beloveds.


Anonymous said...

The poem about your husband in the kitchen is very ummmmm, thought provoking in a sexy way :)

The faces of your loved ones... beautiful and bright, no question why you love to look at them!

Hugs, Chris... hope your weekend is fabulous and full of love!!!

RNSANE said...

A lovely poem and it is great that your husband cooks! All the children are beautiful!!

Nessa said...

Such very beautiful faces. And I do like the poem, too. Men who cook dinner are very sexy. Mine does, too.

Santa Cartoon Riddle

Lou said...

Your poem is wonderful! I see my husband as too big for the space he is makes me smile also.

What a beautiful cadre;)

Poetikat said...

I'll never look at chicken in the same way again! We eat chicken and fish, but I am the one who does the prep. Maybe that's why my husband is always hanging around the kitchen when I cook.

Not surprising this is a favourite.

Your cadre of beloveds is beautiful. I can see a little of myself in the eyes of Annika.

Tall Kay said...

What a beautiful family! Your love is oozing all over the place here! What a precious gift.

Whack is one of those fun words to say IMO. No wonder this poem is such a crowd pleaser!

Brian Miller said...

some beautiful faces there..and i can totoally see why it is the most requested...some serious imagery and longing there...hope you have an amazing weekend!

Dianne said...

I couldn't believe it when you read this in public, VERY hot, G.L.A.D. (grateful, loving attentive Dianne) to be in your life, Chris.

Thanks for the suggestion to go to local poetry, lets go Sunday night.

Because as g-man says "HAKAWE"
(have a kick ass weekend)
And as I say LITSNT

Just Be Real said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and the poem is intriguing. Glad it is one that is a favorite. Blessings....

Anonymous said...

Adorable faces....let the smile, cheer and laughter spread and continue. Have a great weekend.

Felicitas said...

HOT! HOT! HOT! ...Oh, and the two of you have a very lovely family, too!

lakeviewer said...

No wonder the poem is so requested! It speaks of love, of strenght of needs. Thanks for sharing this and the faces of your beloved.

Julie said...

I love the poem, as well as the pictures. You have a very beautiful family!

No wonder this poem is one of the most requested. Those first three lines are awesome and pull me right in. And what good, sensual sounds are in there..."whack the pink flesh of chicken with a mallet", etc. I love when poems do unexpected things.

I get all turned on when my husband runs a load of laundry. Ha! Ha! But that's not as exciting as your poem. I love the ending, too. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a beautiful weekend, Chris.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family. And your husband cooks too! Loved the poem.

Madison said...

I keep trying to express to my husband how amazing women feel when their husbands cook. He isn't buying into it. Maybe I'll leave this poem on my fridge.

Karen said...

No wonder this is most requested! What's better than a man who cooks - and can use those hands...well, you know! Great poem. Beautiful family.

the walking man said...

I tried whacking the chicken but the splatters got all over the kitchen walls and the old lady banned me from that room.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful post. The poem. The family. You are, indeed, blessed beyond measure.

Scott said...

all of this is just beautiful... you're so blessed!

Woman in a Window said...

You have such beauty in your life. I am stunned to silence.
(your poem reminded me of the one i posts last weekend...his necessary orbit. very cool.)