Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today, Live on the Radio


A rain of lemony leaves
backlit by the sun
falls gently on the green grass
forming a yellow pool
lapping at the black trunk
of the tree
and a little black cat
dashes madly through it
as you wish you felt
on this ending sort of day.


I'm insanely thrilled to be a reader on today's local public radio station program called Ears On Art. There will be several us telling stories and reading our poetry at 4:30 p.m. West Coast time.

If you like, you can listen on your computer to the live broadcast at this link:
The link takes you to a live stream from the station programming. You can click on any of the four live-listening streams. If you have a media player, you can share this experience with me. I've never heard my own voice reading my poems, so I am totally excited.

You just need to account for your time difference in regards to U. S. Pacific time.

If you can't listen today, there is a link on the same website to the program archives, where you will find the archived Ears on Art program in a couple of days. Say a prayer for my peace of mind as I sit in my living room with a few AA women, drinking chai tea and eating hubby's wonderful scones. I'll be nervous as hell.
Yesterday morning, after my posting of the poem regarding red berries, cedar waxwings, and control-freak hubby, a huge flock of cedar waxwings, the first of the season, flew in to feast on the red berry bushes. I was jumping for joy at the sight. Then I heard my dear hubby fire up the leaf blower, and I ran out to beg him not to blow away my leaves. We compromised: He could clean the sidewalks, and leave my lovely leaves alone on the grass.
If that isn't synchronicity, I don't know what it is. I do know that God has blessed me richly today. May His blessings be on you, too.


Scott said...

sweet poem... in my morning stupor, I hadn't noticed the photo, and I was allowing your words to form a picture in my mind.. I focussed back on the photo and poof, freaky lol there was what I was beginning to picture, but the photo all of a sudden made the poem so much more alive. Geeze, I hope that made sense :-) Thanks for the experience.

Radio is fun! I love doing it, I was really nervous at first, still get nervous. (of course, I just interview and talk about our Chamber of Commerce and local events, not spiffy inspirational art). I will see about catching the archived version.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I will listen to the archive version because it will be 1am here in France. What a lovely poem. I wonder where that little black cat is going?

Prayer Girl said...

Congratulations. This sounds like so much fun. What a wonderful opportunity for you.

Blessings and enjoy every moment.

Syd said...

I'm going to listen. I believe that I can get this on my IPhone with the NPR app. Congratulations on this.
Also, glad that the leaves stayed on your lawn.

big Jenn said...

Very exciting! I like the leaves too. I'll be listening. jeNN

lakeviewer said...

I shall attempt to find the link and hear you live. And to think you and I might have passed each other on the highway a couple of days ago as I moved up the 101.

Larry said...

Sorry I missed you Chris I'd love to hear your voice and your poems also I promise I'll look into checking out the archives..
Larry Moon..

China Town

Brian Miller said...

ack...i'll have to catch it in the archives...though i will do so...

nice verse...rather playful...and a great way to end the day, on a smile.

Poetikat said...

You did wonderfully well, Chris. I and my husband listened intently and hung on your every word. You sounded brilliant!
More later,


Oh, and the little black cat is certainly not unlucky!

Dianne said...

You were fabulous, and so potent in your connection with the woman who visited you, I had goosebumps and my hair on my arms stood up!

(and you're even better in person, maybe we should do a Youtube version and post the links on our blogs!?)


Tall Kay said...

I tried Chris, but didn't leave work until 4:15pm :o(

I'll listen to the archives...I hope it was a wonderful experience for you. What an honor and how cool that people around the world were listening! I can't wait to hear about it!

Hope said...

I have the archives bookmarked now so that I can listen to it when they post the link. I am so glad for you that you had wonderful supportive people with you.

Julie said...

I'm coming late to the party, because I'm a dummy:) But I will go check out the archives right now during this blessed hour of peace and quiet. If it's anything like your other work I've read, I know I will love it. Congratulations on the radio reading and also on Bolts of Silk. How awesome!